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Free Jigsaw Puzzles - Send Funny Free E Cards



Animals on LAND
Creatures in WATER
Flying Cartoons in the SKY
Positive Thinking BEYOND


001 Cartoon Tree Nature Jigsaw Puzzle
002 Abrahamster "feel goo" Jigsaw
003 Blue Poppies Watercolor Jigsaw
004 Cartoon Stress Chinchilla Puzzle
005 Cartoon Fish Jigsaw Puzzle
006 Cartoon Exercise Chinchillas Jigsaw
007 Cartoon Cats Jigsaw Puzzle
008 Abrahamster Yuma Jigsaw Puzzle
009 Funny Cute Rabbits Jigsaw Puzzle
010 Cute Chinchillas Jigsaw Puzzle
011 Cartoon Hearts Jigsaw Puzzle
012 Cartoon Ice Cream Jigsaw Puzzle
013 Funny Wedding Vows Jigsaw Puzzle
014 Cartoon Fairies Jigsaw Puzzle
015 Koala Baby Jigsaw Puzzle
016 Abrahamster Positive Quotes Jigsaw
017 Daffodil Watercolor Art Jigsaw
018 Cartoon Students Jigsaw Puzzle
019 Snorkeling Cartoon Jigsaw Puzzle
020 Cartoon Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle
021 Blue Cartoon Giraffes Jigsaw Puzzle
022 Cartoon Birds Happy Birthday Jigsaw
023 Cartoon Whale Happy Birthday Jigsaw
024 Cartoon Whale Jigsaw Puzzle
025 Big Cartoon Smile Jigsaw Puzzle
026 Cartoon Rabbit Lettuce Jigsaw
027 Butterflies & Bunnies Jigsaw Puzzle
028 Cartoon Birds Winter Jigsaw Puzzle
029 Cartoon Students Classroom Jigsaw
030 Cartoon Lion, Frog, Tree of Life Jigsaw 
031 Peony Watercolor Art Jigsaw Puzzle
032 Success Cartoon Tree Jigsaw Puzzle
033 Cartoon Turkeys Jigsaw Puzzle

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Original cartoon animals and watercolor fine art as free online jigsaw puzzles of nature, animals, flowers, birthdays, and holidays.

Free Jigsaw Puzzles Page 2

Chinchilla cartoon jigsaw  puzzle piecesPuzzle your jiggy with free jigsaw puzzles! 

Most cartoons have cute funny sayings, short puns, funny rhymes, and even silly pun poems.  Solve and play puzzles online then send some funny free e cards by email as jigsaw puzzles to your jiggy friends.

Jigsaw puzzles games work great as fun mind focus tools.  Especially at work, they will get your mind off anything you are worried about, and you'll instantly feel a bit better. If you are scattered, It's a fun way to focus, as useful as any meditation. If you forget your problems long enough, they eventually work themselves out or completely disappear.  These cartoon animals here have an instinct to instigate silly smiles and goofy giggles.  So beware.
Pun poems are habit morfing.

Send free e cards with a funny message or with thoughtful words for a thank you note.  (Each puzzle has lots of suggestions and card ideas) There are cute cartoon animal jigsaw puzzles and fine art jigsaw puzzles


. In thecute cartoon faces on jigsaw puzzle pieces fine art watercolor paintings, there is colorful floral art and landscapes.
The cartoon jigsaw puzzles set a lighter note of humor. 
Choose from
free dog jigsaw puzzles, butterflies and bunnies puzzle, funny stress cartoon chinchilla, funny hamster puzzles, and cute funny bunny pictures.  Or perhaps some cartoon fish drawing, a funny cartoon for kids, cartoon whalecartoon love hearts, free birthday jigsaw puzzles, cartoon drawings of a koala bear, free e greeting cards and poems, cartoon of people laughing, and cute cartoon birds.  There's a success cartoon tree, and cute giraffe cartoons. Words for birthday wish and a happy birthday poem, or whale birthday. There are cartoon Thanksgiving pictures for the holiday season.  Are you puzzled, yet?

FREE JIGSAW PUZZLES HOW TO:  Click on a link to either play and solve the puzzle or send the puzzle as a free ecard to a friend.  You can play these free online jigsaw puzzles without downloading.  When you arrive at the puzzle, click on the shapes button, you can change the cutout jiggy shapes and change the difficulty of the puzzle to give yourself more of a challenge.  Some of the cuts (shapes) are incredible!  Very fun crazy ones.  Some really hard! There is a built in timer (if you happen to also be cooking eggs) When you move the pieces with your mouse, listen for the CLICK as you release and you will hear when the piece locks into place.  The timer starts when you click on a game.  Have fun!  Set your mind free! (give each a few seconds to load) 


Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles 1-20 below. To send  funny free e cards of the puzzle, click on the free ecard link just below.  And have a wonderful stress de-Solving puzzling experience of jiggyness!

Cartoon pictures of nature with cute funny sayings under cartoon tree puzzles greeting e cards

001  To play cartoon tree jigsaw puzzle with cute funny sayings from cartoon pictures of nature creatures
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle.

These cartoon pictures of nature creatures under the cartoon tree are rhyming cute funny sayings:  "Ease please, just trust, owl's well, action of satisfaction, be pickier about what you choose, brevity and levity, clarity and hilarity, anticiplaytion, ask and bask, attitude of gratitude, and hocus focus." So play away, today, hooray. A squirrel, owl,cat,bunny,bird,ant, snake, bug.

cute cartoon hamster cute funny sayings Abrahamster puzzles greeting e card

002 To play cute funny sayings jigsaw puzzle of cartoon hamster, Abrahamster, the funny hamster that knows how to set goals.
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

Learn sophisticated goal setting techniques from the cute funny sayings of a genius hamster.. Abrahamsterize your goals by knowing what takes top rank, first place, and highest precedence. Nothing is more imporant than that I feel...

floral and still life artwork of blue poppy watercolor puzzles greeting e cards

003  Play blue poppies watercolor jigsaw puzzle of  this fine art floral painting still life / landscape in Provence
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

In this floral and still life artwork, tiny cute Big Bird is standing on the window sill with his painter's palette looking for inspiration out upon the beautiful sunflower and lavender fields of the south of France. He is hungry and wants a baguette. A watercolor art landscape.

cute pictures of chinchillas with cute funny sayings

004 To play funny stress cartoon jigsaw puzzle chinchilla saying "ChinChill Out"
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

Some chinny has some stress?  We are unsure, but we think this cute chinchilla is a bit exasperated by hair ball anxiety.  So he is wanting to chill out, relax, get calm, and chinchill out.... Cute funny sayings like this are good advice for anyone with a hairy hair ball stress situation.  Relief is on the way.

Funny Fish Drawings jigsaw puzzle of cartoon fish images and  green sea turtles picture

005   To play this cartoon fish jigsaw puzzle of cartoon tropical fish and green sea turtles picture
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

These funny fish drawings and green sea turtles picture are from warm Hawaiian waters. Cartoon tropical fish images include: ornate rainbow butterfly fish, long nose butterflyfish, ghost pipe fishes, box fish, fantail filefish, a coris or wrasse? fish,  a juvenile peacock razorfish and cute cartoon red stripe stickfish.  Phew! Gotta go to school to learn what's in the school... of fishes.

cute pictures of chinchillas in exercise gym puzzles greeting e cards

006   To play this cartoon exercise jigsaw puzzle of cute pictures of chinchillas not doing chin-ups
To send as a jiggy free ecard puzzle

There is a mystery bigger than the DaVinci Code:  It centers around why, (when chinchillas are exercising), why will they not do chin-ups?!

Cute cat cartoons

007 To play this cartoon cats jigsaw puzzle of funny pictures of  kittens cats
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

These cute cat cartoons are feeling frisky and playful.  They have got catnip in their hats and its made them a tad wild and crazy. 

funny hamster cute cartoon pictures of hamster Abrahamster in Yuma

008  To play this funny hamster cartoon jigsaw puzzle Abrahamster, forking his thoughts while in Yuma, practicing the art of allowing his connection.
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

This cute cartoon hamster is in Yuma at the freeway fork of Phoenix and San Diego holding a fork while forking his thoughts. He wants you to know, every moment is a forking moment. He's forking toward his better feeling emotional destination of San Diego. Based on Abrahamster Hicks.

Animal cute funny picture of cartoon rabbits jigsaw puzzles greeting

009 To play this funny cute rabbits jigsaw puzzle of cartoon funny bunny pictures
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

Twenty eight pictures of cartoon bunnies and cute rabbits pictures. They are having a fun frolic in the spirit of foolishness.  Sometimes just playing this puzzle with them can set my mood hopping.

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cute pictures of chinchillas puzzles greeting e cards

010  To play cute chinchillas jigsaw puzzle of Jack and Jilla Chinchilla going up the hilla cartoon
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

Jack and Jilla ,two cute chinchillas, will not come tumbling down the hilla, no way.  You can be certain by the look in Jilla's eyes.  She is a nimble sure-footed chinchilla trained by her best friend, a mountain goat, (named Billa).

Cute Cartoon Well-Being Wants You red hearts lips jigsaw puzzle e-card Lillyarts.com

011 To play this cartoon hearts jigsaw puzzle of  cute funny sayings
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

Well being wants you!  These cute cartoon love hearts - I mean heart-lips of well-being want to smooch you all over. They are waiting...just outside your door.  Resistance is futile!

cute pictures of chinchillas puzzles greeting e cards Chocolate and Vanilla  Chinchilla

012  To play this cartoon ice cream jigsaw puzzle of Chocolate and Vanilla Chinchilla enjoying their cool frosty treats
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

Chinchilla tongues are never cuter than when they are licking ice cream cones. Except when their little mouths are crunching into the cone and munching cutely. Or perhaps when they sniff something and do the cute nose wiggle.

happy hamster pictures cartoon Abrahamster wedding vows

013 To play this funny wedding vows jigsaw puzzle of funny cartoon hamster, Abrahamster
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

Write your own wedding vows to insure a happy hamster relationship.  Happy hamsters always feel free and stay together because it feels good.  That's why there are so few hamster divorces.

Happy hamster fairies of the universe cute cartoon

014  To play this cartoon fairies jigsaw puzzle of Happy Hamster Fairies of the Universe
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

Four funny hamster fairies bring optimistic messages of cute funny sayings:  "Done Deal, Sure Thing, Not if, but When, and LOA (Law of Attraction)  They want to boost your confidence and to remind you that everything you want is coming. Not if, but when. ...so you can relax  It's done.

cartoon drawings of a  koala bear  jigsaw puzzle free koala bear ecards

015 To play this koala baby jigsaw puzzle
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

Colored pencil drawings of cute baby koala bears want to tell you: "Just remember, YOU ARE koalafied." Then they snooze after eating a mountain of eucalyptus salad. 

happy hamster pictures of funny hamster Abrahamster in Alaska

016  To play this positive quotes jigsaw puzzle of funny hamster Abrahamster in Alaska cartoon
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

Under funny hamster clouds, cute Abrahamster is in Alaska watching giant glaciers that are calving pillars of ice (the size of tall buildings) into the water. Find out a bit about iceberg euphoria. His positive quotes: I can be or do or calve anything.  Inspired by Abraham Hicks from an Alaskan cruise.

paintings art floral daffodil flower picture

017 To play this daffodil watercolor art jigsaw puzzle
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

In watercolor paintings, nature can show off its gorgeous flowing shapes through beautifully layered transparent colors. The beauty can also inspire fun pun poems: "Mentally ill for a daffodil".

cute pictures of chinchillas in school puzzles greeting e cards teacher's pet chinchilla cartoon

018  To play this cartoon students jigsaw puzzle of cute pictures of chinchillas in school: "Teacher's Pet cartoon"
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

This cute chinchilla student is extremely eager to be called on by the teacher because she thinks she knows the correct answer. She probably does cause she is very brainy. "oh oh oh, pick me", she says.

cute pictures of chinchillas puzzles greeting e cards cartoon Chinchilla Cousteau

019 To play this snorkeling cartoon jigsaw puzzle of cute Cartoon Chinchilla Cousteau with funny tropical fish
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

This chinchilla swears he saw a chinchilla mermaid from his vacation beach house window!  He has been snorkeling for days looking for her. He has met many cute fish that like to play with his tail. Will he find her?

free dog jigsaw puzzles of cute cartoon puppy pictures

020  To play cartoon dogs jigsaw puzzle of ten cute dog illustrations
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

How many breeds of cartoon dogs can you name?  A happy puppy dog will wag its tail, but why does that happen?  Can you imagine having a tail?  And it goes wild when you are happy? How often would your tail wag?  It's something to think about.

Free Jigsaw Puzzles Page 2

Orange watercolors with Lillyarts logo

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