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Animals Under Water

Cartoon Whale, Cartoon Dolphin and Cartoon Fish: Illustrations and Animations!


 is my gateway page to illustrations and cartoons, animations and drawings of the wet creatures: the
cartoon whales and cartoon dolphins and cartoon  fishes that I love and am fascinated by.
Of course, I am fond of kelp, and algae too, and
coral reefs and shrimps and eels and oh, the most amazing are the very smart octopus and squid.  And the cuttlefish.  I love the moon Jellies.

I lived for a few years in Carmel and was a member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I went every week!  I really looked close (and talked to) all of the creatures in their fantastic underwater world. I touched all that I could. It was a wet world of incredible magic.  Nature outdid itself a trillion fold with these creations. I always went home in awe.

Did I mention I also love clams and oysters?  Oh and the nautilus.  Did I tell you I love sea shells and also
sea sponges? I lived on Pine Island in Florida for a year and found all sorts of incredible shells on Sanibel and Cayo Costa Islands nearby. I had never seen so many beautiful whole shells in so many colors washed up on shore, many with creatures still in them.  It felt as if the ocean had an unlimited supply.  I painted shells on t-shirts and hats and greeting cards.  "How do those creatures make these beautiful shells things?" I wondered constantly.
 Years later, I found
sea sponges washed up on land on Corsica. They were exactly the same kind you see for sale in art stores and they were scattered everywhere washed ashore. (Corsica is an island off of France that I lived on for 3 months. It is spectacular.  But that's another story.)  In Baja Mexico, near Guerrero Negro, while visiting the grey whales, I discoverd big giant huge Lions Mane Scallop Shells.  They make great soap dishes. Or to put food in.  Or anything...they are amazing.

I have sea shells and fish pictures and fish tiles all over my bathroom.  There's a great thought stimulating book I love by Anne Morrow Lindbergh called
Gift From the Sea.  She uses sea shells to tell stories and make analogies about spirals of life and compares them in thought-provoking ways.  Once you read it, you will always think of her when you think of beaches and sea shells.  Okay, that's enough about that for now.  Bye

Textile cone sea shell  picture
Pink mouthed murex sea shell picture
murex sea shell photograph
picture of snipe's bill murex sea shell
Pink mouthed murex sea shell image
New Zealand green lipped mussel sea shell pictures
picture of murex seashell
blue dolphin wood cut

Here is a page if you would like to get some ideas about how to make lino block prints of dolphins and fish from drawings or cartoons.

I began drawing cartoon dolphins after swimming with a group of four bottlenose beauties in Key Largo, Florida.  To me, the experience was better than meeting movie stars or the president. Their gentle yet powerful presence and playfulness are never to be forgotten.  I had a wonderful experience and rekindle memories with each dolphin cartoon or sketch or art piece I create.  But there is nothing quite like them in person.

Prickly cockle sea shell photo


Cartoon whale watercolor of mother and baby grey whales people on the boat reaching to touch whale

Click on the fish picture for more cartoon fish...

Cartoon Fish Yellow blue long nosed butterfly fish

Cartoon Fish- a long nosed Butterfly fish

Cartoon Whale: These are cartoon whale pictures of a grey whale mother and baby in the birthing lagoons of Baja Mexico. That's a cartoon of me reaching to touch the whale.  I actually got to!  It was amazing.  It felt like slippery slick but cushy rubber on the baby. I was so thrilled because the whales must swim up to you.  And they did!  They were such amazing creatures. I drew the whale cartoons when we returned because I could not stop thinking about them and I always wanted to remember their beauty.  Click on the whale picture to see animation.

picture of murex sea shell
picture of sand dollar
picture of abalone sea shell


17 seashells in a row
Lions Mane Scallop Shell from Baja Mexico

This is a Lions Mane Scallop Shell from Baja Mexico.  It is a little over 7 inches across. 
See the dime there for comparison.  These are giant!

Beautiful sea sponge from Corsica picture

interesting sea sponge

more about...Gift From the Sea   blue heart clipart

Picture of two Bottlenose Dolphins in Key Largo Florida

Two dolphins I swam with in Key Largo

photo of 3 sea sponges from Corsica

Sponges from Corsica. Neat, huh?


Sea branch coral
Picture of a piece of white coral

Hard Coral

Gift From The Sea Cover Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I found Anne Morrow Lindbergh's book in 1985. We both had the same birthday and both loved beaches.  I would walk to the beach in Santa Monica, California and read it over and over and over. I dreamed about her words.  It was not until many years later that I happened to be on the Florida 'islands of sea shells'; Sanibel and Captiva.  I fell in love with those beaches. I was so delighted when I discovered that she had written those books from there! 

Gift from the Sea: 50th Anniversary Edition 



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