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Positive affirmation cartoons inspired by Abraham-Hicks.

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Fun Cartoon Self Affirmations to Boost Self Confidence from Abrahamster




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Positive affirmation cartoon of a Menu saying "I'm the well of well being"

"Well Being
the order
of the Day"
...Abraham (Estherham) Hicks

self affirmation cartoon well saying "All is well"  Abrahamster echo in well

Here Abrahamster, is playing with his echo in this funny well of well being.
 He says " All is well", and the well says... well you can read it there...

Self affirmations into cute funny sayings:

Here are an assortment of positive affirmation cartoon creatures that sprouted into my life. The more I read and listened to tapes about well-being from Abraham Hicks, the more they stepped out of the woodwork and popped in through my pen ink.  They would playfully re-deliver the affirming messages in their own silly ways.   Often they appeared in margins as visual echoes while writing in my journal. Cute funny sayings and winking little creatures were my constant rainbow affirmation parade, with Abrahamster leading the way. And they continue.

They are very fun and get so silly, it really stretches my silly capabilities. 
(I often wonder if they are in the silly Olympics and I am in training?) 
I suppose everyone that receives the clarity and amazing empowerment messages from the Abraham Hicks material has their own unique response.  Abrahamster told me that someone else could call these same affirmation characters angels and they could be expressed in a completely different style. .  And then he put a halo's on his head and did a wiggle shake 'angel dance' that was so funny, we were both rolling in laughter for several minutes. There is usually a feeling of mysterious unserious and playful mischief afoot. Often the feeling is of fun surprises in the air....getting ready to pop out. Maybe this is why my friend Rebecca calls me Lilly Pop?  AHa?!

Positive affirmation cartoon of well being cute hearts lips talking
Positive affirmation cartoon of cute well being hearts saying Well being wants you Resistance is Futile! Gonna smooch you



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Cartoon of positive self affirmations cute cartoon picture of nature creaturesTree of Well Being

These cartoon pictures of nature are speaking some positive self affirmation slogans they made up.  They like to rhyme.
Nutso, the Cartoon Squirrel, says" Ease, Please!"
Crackers, the cartoon blue bird says "Just, Trust."
Vowell, the cute cartoon owl, hoots "Owl's Well"
Wingy, the cute bug says "Hocus Focus"
Otaku, the kissy cartoon bunny rabbit, is saying "Attitude of Gratitude"
Treedom, the cartoon tree says "Action of Satisfaction"
Bombadil, the cute cat, says "Ask and Bask"
Dexter, the little black ant, says "Anticiplaytion"
Slinx, the cartoon snake says "Clarity and Hilarity & ...Brevity and Levity"
and Pinkle, the rabbit says "Be pickier about what you want"
(He's not very appropriate, as you can see, which means that he's either quite childlike or a bit rebellious or he just is using it to get your attention and cajole a smile...? You just can't control rabbits!)

Play this cartoon tree nature jigsaw puzzle
or send as a
free ecard puzzle..

Everybody wants to offer a little upliftment and to BOOst self confidence:

Boost self confidence cartoon of ghost saying "care for a BOOst"

This cartoon ghost is saying "Care for a BOOst?"

Cute Cartoon Bird sayinig I roost on boo st.

This cartoon bird is saying "I roost on Boo St."

Cute Cartoon elevator saying Care for a Lift?

Mood elevator? A cute cartoon elevator is saying "Care for a lift?"

Positive affirmation cartoon red train saying I Want To Feel Good, I  train my brain, Choo Choose Choose

This cartoon train of thought is the "I want to feel good" train.  It's about learning to train your brain, as the conductor says.  Even the smoke stack is speaking "choose choose"

More cartoon self affirmations from animals:

Cute Cartoon Goats The Ability-Goats ABC You have the ability to Allow, to Be Well, To Choose and the Deservability Goat

Meet the ability goats.  They are experts in their field.  They are saying "you have the ability to Allow, the ability to Be well, the ability to Choose, and you have the DeservABILITY too!" As you can see,  the bottom goat has a big red D on his head, on his side and the red balloon is holding a red D.  They seem to be trying to make a point in 3D, that you are all-red-D worthy and deserving. I must tell you that these goats are magicians in deeply symbolic mental communication.  Don't let it overwhelm you.


Positive affirmation by Cute cartoon Koala  saying You are koalafied to choose!

This cute koala cartoon says:
"You are koalafied to choose!

And he is pointing directly at you. Cause nobody else knows what's better for you than you.(He trusts your choices)

Cute Cartoon Rodin Thinker saying I'm A Living Sculpture, I have exCELLent Cells, Yup We're Magicells, Let's Cellebrate!

Here is a cute cartoon girl with her cells appreciating her amazing physical body. "I'm a living sculpture" she thinks.  " I have exCELLent Cells", she says.  "Yup, we're magicells, Let's CELLebrate"

And then, when the positive affirmation cartoons go over the top of joy boundaries...

Abraham Hicks sample positive affirmation quote calendar page with happy kissy love creatures

This is a picture of a daily calendar you can buy from Abraham Hicks.  On the one side are positive affirmation quotes and inspiring words for thought.
On the back you can focus and write down your intents for the day and why you want them.  The why will magnify your vibration of allowing them...

But sometimes the positive affirmations are SO uplifting and inspiring, this is what happens.  These happy smiling kissy love creatures come out of you,  and they go into appreciation frenzy and the joy is too much to even be able to write words.  Those Hicks's give powerful positive energy messages. 
You turn into a
looooove machine.

Cute Positive Affirmation Cartoon Cow saying "that's something to chew on"
Cute Cartoon eel and fish saying "Nothing is more important then that I EEL GOOD," Cartoon fish says "That felt EELY good."

This smiling cartoon eel is having a conversation with a cute blue fish.  "Nothing is more important than that I EEL good!" he says.  The fish responds "That felt EELY good!"  This discussion was awarded the honor of Ocean Wisdom Top Notch. It was voted the most compelling discussion of the century and received numerous accolades at the Council of Oceanic Wisdom of the Year Awards.  We are talking big time.

That really mooves me.
I can feel milk starting to churn in that vibration!  I'm gonna chew that feeling all day with my grass.

self confidence cartoon of cute cow clipart

I like to chew on ideas with my grass.  If the ideas taste as good as grass I chew them over and over and over and its an udderly wonderful feeling.  17 seconds of idea regurgitation sets Law of Attraction into ignition.  I love chewing on a happy thought. Especially the crunchymusical note cartoon ones. "Oh, Fly Me To the Mooooon"!

positive affirmation play on words cute cartoon

Oop, another red D cartoon.  This one says he's a D's eyer!

Postive affirmations and ideas from the octoplus, the cellfish wellfish, and the hi-lighting teacher:

Cute Cartoon octopus octoPLUS saying "You never get it done"

This cartoon girl, as an orange magic marker highlighter, is to illustrate the idea that Words Don't Teach.  The only thing that ever teaches anybody anything is their own life experiences.  So a teacher is a person that is a hi-lighter, an under liner, an emphasizer. A teacher could be a thought stimulator or an attention director, or a focus maker. We all naturally teach by being a living example. And we all learn by observing all the various examples. And everyone is seeing through their own unique perspective eyes.  This cartoon was to teach me that I don't 'teach by teaching' but by being myself.

Self Affirmation Teacher: Teach my example Words do not teach
Cartoon Fish saying You're magnetic, I'm drawn to you!

This octopus has ten arms.  That's why he is an octoPLUS.  It's because you never get it done, and there is always more, and source energy (those inner hamster fairies and their accomplices) have imagined it better than you could fathom.
(they see all the infinite possibilites...)
So you will even get more happy things with the regular happy things you ordered.  That means it will always be richer and fuller and more wonderful and fullfilling and delightfullly surprising than you could have ever conceived.  That's what the octoPLUS wants to tell you.  Everything, plus
plus!  (That's how the word surplus was born.  It is derived from SURprise and PLUS!)

Here is a picture of the cartoon fish that is a cellfish wellfish.  His selfish cellfish desire to feel good has him drawn to the octoplus.  He says "You're magnetic, I'm drawn to you"  He was drawn even when I was drawn to drawing him. He's a wellfish cause he's cellfish.  Hence the name, cellfish wellfish.  I'm redefining selfish to be a feel good thing of priority alpha. That octoplus sure does have a magnetic personality.

3 Cute Cartoon  Animals A pig in a hat saying I'm such a ham and a bunny rabbit with a magic wand abracadabraHAM AND Abrahamster hiding behind

Whoops, an Abrahamster cartoon got in this bunch.  You can see his cute hamster look there peeking out behind the cartoon rabbit with the wand doing magic.  The rabbit is pulling a pig out of a hat, saying "Abracadabraham"

Quotes from Abraham Hicks on this page: 
"Words don't teach.  You never get it done.(and you can't get it wrong) Well being wants you.  Well being is the order of the day. You are not here as regurgitators... you are creators...   All is well.  Nothing is more important than that I feel good." 



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