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Blank Journals With Art Covers


...of cute funny bunny pictures to inspire

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160 pages of possibility



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 Blank Personal Writing Journals - Nice art sketch books for sale - Blank sketch book, cute!

Nice art sketch books for sale cute dancing rabbits

Blank sketch book cute rabbits cartoon moonWho couldn't use a blank journal for sketching and or writing?

Keep your spirits light with these blank journals with art covers of fun cartoons.  The cute funny bunny pictures will keep you smiling while you write or draw.


Cute cartoon witch funny looking

Endorsement by a satisfied customer  (pictured at left):

"I use these nice art sketch books to record and organize my potions and spells.  I have such a busy caldron always going, always a bubble, I use these journals to help out my brains ...And they fit so nicely in my hat when I'm on my broomstick.  The cute bunny rabbit smiles inspire me to new heights of bewitching scariness.  And the Abunnydance words are their own powerful spell.  Eye of Newt now flows to me in all sorts of unexpected bountiful ways so I have tripled my potion production lines. I'm experiencing such wild witch prosperity, it's beyond normal witchcraft!  I also use the poem below.  I recite it 3 times a day with my cat and it changed my life and my cat too.  My cat won the lottery!" -  Grizelda the wicked witch of the southwest."

Cartoon rabbit blank notebook

I am so glad these 3 cartoon rabbits are asking the deep meaningful questions: Feelin' Fluffy?


I love these handy notebook spiral journals!  They are the perfect size to tuck in a purse, backpack, bedside stand, or suitcase for travel.
So what do you put in a sketchbook?  Here are a few ideas:

You can sketch a cottontail or write rabbit recipe rhymes, diary your dreams, or jot magic wish lists.
Oh and you can use it to keep track of your wealth because... Abunnydance happens!  Here's a powerfully silly poem:

cute cartoon eyes clipartThe Magic Bunny Money Poem:
Lovely bunny, cute and funny
Bring me fun and happy money


 What does your friend love?  You can use blank personal writing journals as your gift  and card.  You can sticker and decorate the first page with your friend's special theme,  celebration, or hobby. Draw a sketch, add your favorite inspirational quotes or Dr. Seuss rhyme, make up a wacky secret family recipe or write a code in scribbles as a unique gift card wishing them magical dreams and fantastic adventures.

Scrapbooks, journals, blank books can be Anything.  And because the pages are unlined, they are great for both writing AND sketching.  Use them as a diary for  memories, an address book, a notebook of mailing list prospects or clients, a travel diary for kids, a writing journal for short stories, a nature impressions notebook, a blank artists sketchbook, a collage journal, or for your autobiography. Let the cute funny bunny pictures inspire you to create anything that stirs your journal juices. A  cartoon blank sketch book covers any possible occasion!  And , best of all, they are FUN.

This handy blank personal journal  comes 5 inches by 8 inches size with 160 pages of unlined 24 lb bond paper.   They make great gifts.

Just in case someone says: Show me the bunny!

cute cartoon rabbit writing in journal


 Cute bunny rabbit art sketch books for sale:  Buy BUNNY RABBIT JOURNALS

Blank Writing Journal  with Cartoon Bunnu Rabbit Art on Cover-  World is My Carrot

The World is My Carrot and Yipee Bunnies
Blank Journal

Blank Writing Journal  with Cartoon Bunnu Rabbit Art on Cover-  Full Moon Bunnies

Moon Bunny Dance and Full Moon Lettuce Fest
Blank Journal

Blank Writing Journal  with Cartoon Bunnu Rabbit Art on Cover - Dancing Bunnies

Cloud Dancers and Sur Le Pont
Blank Journal

Blank Writing Journal  with Cartoon Bunnu Rabbit Art on Cover- Dancing Dip Bunnies

Double Dips and Bunny Dip at Pt. Lapin
Blank Journal

Blank Writing Journal  with Cartoon Bunnu Rabbit Art on Cover- San Diego Lapin Bunnies

Bunny Dip at Pt. Lapin and Bunny Buds San Diego
Blank Journal

Blank Writing Journal  with Cartoon Bunnu Rabbit Art on Cover- Behind the Scenes and  Pont du Gard
Blank Writing Journal  with Cartoon Bunnu Rabbit Art on Cover- Beach Bunnies Spotlight Dance

Beach Bunnies and Spotlight Dance
Blank Journal

Sur le Pont and Behind the Scenes
Blank Journal

Blank Writing Journal  with Cartoon Bunnu Rabbit Art on Cover- Peeper Cottontail and Tai Chi Sunset Bunnies

Peeper Cottontail and Tai Chi Sunset
Blank Journal

For Framed and Matted Posters or prints of CUTE RABBIT CARTOONS as well as custom cards and postage stamps, you can also visit my Lillyarts Shop at Zazzle        



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