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Funny Cartoon Pictures of Chinchillas

Cute Cartoons of Chinchilla Art, Baby Chinchilla Pictures, Chinchilla Videos, and  Funny Chinchilla Names

Create your own chinchilla art gallery?

The Chinsonium Museum has the original chinchillas hanging next to the Mona Chilla...


Holy Chiincholey Cute Chinchilla CartoonBut nowcartoon eyes clipart, you can purchase affordable high quality digital downloads to print your own art gallery of whimsical chinchilla cute cartoons in watercolor.  They are offered for the Funny eyes clipart ridiculously low price of $3.99 each.  Holy Chincholey!   Great for scrap booking, greeting cards, stickers, or make your own chinchilla art gallery. Wonderful to decorate the children's room.  Or just have fun and enjoy yourself browsing through the sweet and funny pictures and silly chinchilla names.  Below are a few baby chinchilla sketches and a couple of adorable videos of little cute chinchillas. 

Chinnies feel as if they are the softest creatures in the universe.  When I  touched my first chinchilla fur I could not believe something could be so silky and feel so wonderful.  These furry animals are adorable and I love drawing and painting them. 

Purchase Download of Art :


Cartoon Exercise
Chinchillas Not Doing CHIN- ups!

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These cartoon chinchillas are goofing off during an exercise class in the gym. They are having a heck of a workout BUT...These chins will just not do their chin-ups! Nobody knows why. It's a mystery. Go figure. But check out their six pack abs!  (They do the hip hop abs routine with the hopping bunny rabbits on Tuesdays.


Funny Rhymes:
Jack and Jilla Chinchilla

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Jack and Jilla went up the Chinchilla hilla...These two cute cartoon chinchilla pals are on their way, bucket in hand, up chinchilla hill-a. Jilla has that knowing hill-wise look in her eyes. No way are they coming tumbling down this time! They have new hill smarts.



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Cartoon Students:
Teacher's Pet Milly Chinchilly

Cartoon Ice Cream:
Chocolate and Vanilla Chinchilla

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These cute chinchilla students are in the classroom at school. Chinchilly Milly is so EAGER - raising her hand to be called on by the teacher- just like Hermione at Hogwarts does. "Oh I know the answer! Call on ME!" "I know!", she says. You can see she is of course, the teacher's pet.

This cartoon watercolor illustration is of two chinchillas that are ice-cream addicts! That's why they are called Chocolate and Vanilla Chinchilla! Can ChocoChin's cone GET any bigger?! They also live in an ice cream cone house. No thirty one flavors for these two chins, they only want two: chocolate and vanilla! They won't even try another flavor.


Snorkeling Cartoon:
Chinchilla Cousteau

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Chinchillas are not supposed to get their fur wet! So,... can you imagine just how brave this snorkeling chinny guy is!? All his friends were so admiring that they named him Chinchilla Cousteau after the famous Chinchilla Jacques! Sacre bleu, he is just such an incredible wet chinchilla deep sea diver.


Stress Cartoon:

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Holy Chincholey! We have here a whopping case of cartoon stress. This cute funny chinchilla is trying to Chin CHILL OUT! (He has hair ball anxiety before his hot date later on with the lovely Priscilla Chinchilla).  He is trying to chill and relax. Or maybe his "Holy Chincholey!" expression is because he just got the cartoon surprise of his life... He won the lottery!?

Or purchase all 6 Chinchilla illustrations together for only $16.99

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To purchase chinchilla artwork:

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Cartoon Chinchilla Close Up for Watercolor texture


Here is an example of the magnified watercolor paper paint patterns and textures in the final images.  This is the corner of an ear on Teacher's Pet Chinchilly

To download a high resolution 300dpi pdf file to your computer NOW (that you can print, resize, and use as often as you like), click on the add to cart button above.
Cost is $3.99 each (or 16.99 for all 6 paintings together. ) 

*Important note: The large Lillyarts logo on the paintings serve as watermarks. On the final image, the Lillyarts logo will be very tiny and positioned on the lower bottom. These thumbnails do not show the richness of color, or the brush stroke detail, nor the watercolor paper paint texture patterns on the actual brilliant high quality digital file you will be purchasing.

 Contact me by email to purchase hand signed archival reproductions by mail.  The archival prints measure approximately 3.5 x 3 inches for the  picture area with an additional one inch surrounding paper border. Prints will come without a matte or frame in a clear archival sleeve.   Archival prints by mail are $9.95 each plus 3.95 Shipping/Handling USA.

Chinchilla cartoon  jigsaw puzzle piecesWant to play a chinchilla jigsaw puzzle or send a jiggy free ecard cartoon to a friend?  All the above illustrations are available as free jigsaw puzzles to play online or to send as a puzzle greetingcartoon eyes clipart winking e card.  It's handy because then you can chinchill out whenever necessary.

Create your own Cute CHINCHILLA GIFTS (cartoon posters, t-shirts, magnets, key chains, stickers, tote bags,mousepads, mugs, postcards, neckties, and more) with silly play on words can be found at my Zazzle Cartoon Art Gallery. 
personalized gifts with these products using your own message, font, styles, background colors to make fun and unique customized gifts. Great for baby shower gifts, children's birthday gifts, or as funny personalized gifts for adults. Surprise someone with a Holy Chincholey message.  Enjoy!

Cartoon Chinchillas Being Cute Custom Poster Print print
Cartoon Chinchillas Being Cute Custom Poster Print  

Funny Stress Cartoon Poster Print print
Funny Stress Cartoon Poster Print  

Funny Cute Cartoon Key Chain keychain
Funny Cartoon Pictures of Chinchilla Key Chain  

cartoon exercise cute chinchilla magnet Funny Cartoon Exercise Chinchilla Work Out Magnet  

Photo of Inca the cute and soft grey Chinchilla from the San Diego Zoo

Here is Inca the Chinchilla being held by Janelle from the San Diego Zoo when they came to do a presentation at our building.  I could not believe how incredibly silky soft his fur was!  I fell in love with this cute animal.  What a sweet and good natured pet they must make! We learned that their fur has more hairs per follicle than any other animal. Some of which are teeny tiny invisible microscopic hairs, that can get into the airway funny cartoon eyes fear expressionof a predator during a scuffle and cause choking.  Nature is incredible:  invisible hair defense!  Animals, watch out for inhaling their deadly hair balls!

cute adorable baby chinchilla picture

This baby Chinchilla is so cute!  What a Fuzzaroni- sigh. Her name might be Fritzi? Or maybe MooShoo, or perhaps Millie Chilly or Dumpling, or Dipsy Doodle?...

For some great chinchilla names and pictures visit


More exotic fun chinchilla names

There you can meet some cute chinchilla pets with fun chinchilla names and more sweet and wonderful pictures of darling chins.  Get a load of these names!!! :Chili, Francois, Gidget, Chewie, Muncher, Prince Charming, Chinderella, Garnet, Fortnum, Mason, Malmoe, Alexander the Great Chinchilla, Francie Pants, Tussan, Rothman, Panzai, Trixie, Fatty Patty, Spot, Lil Baby, Stoney, Buddy, Max, Milly, Tiffany, Max, Sophie, Mimosa, Oscar, Chilli, Destiny, Willa, Douglas, Tazzie Tomlinson 'Taz',Panini, Pebble, Urmeli, Cheech, Roo, Snowball, Kenya, Skrutten, Stampe, Amelia, Gabriel, Fernando, Freya, Odin, Loppan, Snoopy, Mindinho, Pompom, Gorda, Gus Gus, FiFi, Inky aka "Chubby", Dusty, Cuddles, Krycek, Freckles,Fizzy,Gizzy, Barker, Bouncer, Solo, CD, LP, Bubbles, Chip, Skunk, Screech, Charlie, Joey, Zandii, Zelda, Stormy, Laverne, Shirley, Star, and Nibbles!  Chinchillicious!!!!

Here are a few sketches of some 'just borned' baby chinchillas.
 Let's see, what can I name them?  Larry, Moe and Curly? 
Or Poppy, Peppy, and .....??

3 baby chinchillas sketch drawing black white
Happy Birthday Chinchillas Chewie and Newie Photo M. Wolff

Two famous cute birthday chinchillas  Chewie and Newie by Melissa Wolff.

Baby Chinchillas are irresistible and adorable!

Videos of Cute Baby Chinchillas:


Chinchillas 2 babies so cute! (on couch) Adorable


Wonderful dog Sabby with 3 baby chinchilla guests!

Here are some more wonderful cute pictures of chinchillas in these two videos. I wish I looked like that!  For more cute chinchillas in pics and videos, see these adorable creatures taking dust baths, munching treats, or just being squishdidly soft and cute, visit my cute animal lens on squidoo.



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