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What's Beyond Land, Sea and Sky?  Thoughts and Feelings!

 Inspirational thoughts for positive thinking and feeling and smiling...


HAbrahamster positive thinking cute cartoon hamsterave you thought about what you've been thinking lately?cartoon funny face  Ever wondered where your thoughts go after you think them?  Ever wondered what a thought is and what it's made of and what it looks like?  I think about this all the time.  Did you ever think of yourself as a thought-maker?  Did you ever think that whatever you think could be responsible for how you feel?cartoon eyes  And how you feel might be responsible for your entire life experience?!  Do you ever wonder where feelings come from? Why they are here moving through uscartoon eyes?  What their guidance purpose might be?   Do you ever want to know how you get what you get in life? Do you ever want to feel important and valuable and worthwhile and know that your life always has purpose?  (It does, you know).cartoon eyes  That your value does not come from your actions, but from your existence. When everyone is speaking about being, do you ever wonder what the heck does that mean?  And what about the word creativity, what does that really mean?  I mean, DON'T YOU WONDER? funny face cartoon eyes
And what about ...Did you ever wonder why imagination is such a powerful force?  Have you heardAbrahamster positive thinking cute cartoon hamster of gravity's older brother: the natural force called law of attraction? silly funny face eyes That you might be a human magnetAbrahamster positive attitude cute cartoon hamster,

musical note cartoon art clip   Ieeeeeeee, I'm hooked on a feeling, I'm high on believing...

like a vacuum cleaner sucking events, people, things, to you by your thinking habit patterns (and expectations)?  I mean, what if you learned you were already more creative than your wildest imaginings and you never knew it?!funny cartoon smiling face  And you were already more powerful than you could fathom or conceive? Gosh, wouldn't that thought feel neat and interesting and wonderful?...
Esther Hicks excerpts below from the incredible movie called The Secret for free and be amazed about Law of Attraction and hear some inspiring stories of what's possible with thinking. More inspirational, positive attitude, and uplifting prosperity thinking videos are here.


Meet  Abrahamster Line art logo:

Abrahamster happy positive attitude hamster cartoon waving hi

Abrahamster Interview

Hi! I'm Abrahamster. Come play with me.
Let's think silly together.
Abrahamsters Video Song

Abrahamster is a cartoon hamster that really wants to feel good. 
He and Abraram (a cartoon ram that goes on rampages of appreciation to feel good) are inspired by
Abraham Hicks.   Their inspirational thoughts for positive thinking and feeling are the best I have ever come across.  The clarity of their messages about law of attraction and how this universe is set up and who we are are superb.  It's all the stuff of positive feeling energy that makes me excited and eager to be alive.  The thinking tools they offer as I continue to apply them are delightfully changing my life.  The cartoons were born out my love for this body of work mixed with my silly energy from being SO HAPPY. For more info and excerpts of my other favorite inspirational thinkers, see below. 


Abrahamster Line art logo

Jigsaw Puzzles / E cards 


Would you like to play free jigsaw puzzles of  inspiring  positive thinking cartoons or send a free ecard puzzle to light up a friend or get yourself smiley?
Positive thinking picture of jigsaw puzzle well being wants you
Inspirational jigsaw puzzle I can be or do or calve anythig

Well Being Wants You Jigsaw

Alaska: I can be or do or calve anything!

Positive thinking jigsaw puzzle Abrahamster
Positive thinking jigsaw puzzle Hamster Fairies of the Universe

Nothing is more important than that I feel goo_! Jigsaw

Hamster Fairies of the Universe Jigsaw Puzzle

Positive thinking jigsaw puzzle cartoon leading edge marriage vows
Positive thinking jigsaw puzzle Abrahamster in Yuma

Funny Wedding  Vows Jigsaw Puzzle

In Yuma
Forking his thoughts... Puzzle

Would you like to know how you already have received the best deal in the universe?
Read my playful gratitude article:
Deal of a Lifetime

Abrahamster inspired joy funny hamster picture


Think and Feel

Inspirational Video Clips

*Esther and Jerry Hicks and
Abraham Inspired Teachings -
 Now officially on You Tube

Jerry & Esther Hicks Cartoon Caricature
Abraram positive thinking ram cartoon joy

Don't forget me.
Let's rampage!

Abrahamster happy funny face cartoon smile hamster

**Freshly offered as a free gift from the 2-3-08 Abraham  Workshop/ Seminar in Los Angeles, Ca. is a wonderful 40 minute, 5 part introduction by Abraham (given through Esther) on who we realilly are and the law of attraction.
 I love it.
Thank you Jesther and Airy! 

Also in this player are other Abraham videos you may choose from.  Each is stimulated by a questioner with a specific issue or curiosity focus point they desire.  "Abraham On the Stream" is an analogy about flowing with the energy stream of our source. Going with the flow? or resisting the flow.  Abraham on "The Secret Behind the Secret"- is a response to a questioner who asks about why there are two different versions of the movie, the Secret.  From an upcoming Abraham-Hicks DVD, Another video called "Abraham Resolves Case of Cognitive Dissonance" is extremely Funny:  Abraham tells it all in a Nutshell  A hamster hoot.

More Humorous Abraham:  A funny medley of Abraham moments   About the toothpaste


Abraham Part 1 of 5     Abraham Part 2 of 5     Abraham Part 3 of 5      Abraham Part 4 of 5     Abraham Part 5 of 5

Abraham Inspirational Thoughts:


You are much more than you see in your physical body. There is another part of you that exists even while you are now here in this physical body. And that part of you wants to communicate with you. The very emotion that you feel is communication from that Inner You. AB-6 

Daily Positive Affirmations
Page of Uplifting Quotes, Thought Provoking ArticlesWorkshop Excerpts,  Complete Newsletters, more Words of Wisdom
Who is Abraham?Monster Bus Video

Abraham Hicks .com logo Free mp3 voice recordings of early Abraham speaking. A wonderful free intro that lays it out nice and clear.
Abraham Teachings in Brief. Here is the distilled essence of who you are. 

For Notes from Abraham Hicks workshops and Processes by Connee Chandler and other workshop attendees.
Abraham Hicks Groups, downloads, meet ups, pictures, humor, search archives, and more from David Gordon

Quotes from the Universe...
It's not the dazzling voice that makes a singer. Nor clever stories that make a writer. And it's not piles of money that make a tycoon.
It's having a dream and wanting to live it so greatly, that one would rather move with it, and "fail," than succeed in another realm.
You so have what it takes -     
The Universe

Notes from the Universe picture from Mike Dooley's  websiteTo receive fun daily affirmations by email as Notes From the Universe
...alias Mike Dooley.

Alan Cohen has thought-provoking daily positive affirmations and inspirational quotes on his site  that are also available by E-mail. There are also many fantastic uplifting and thought stimulating articles and books. Here's one of my favorites:
 "No pain, no pain."

Inspirational DVD and Recordings:

You Can Heal Your Life, The Movie
by Louise L. Hay and friends:
Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Cheryl Richardson, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Doreen Virtue PhD, Candace Pert PhD, Mona Lisa Schulz MD,PhD, Christiane Northrup, MD, Gay Hendricks and Leon Nacson.

I got the expanded version of this inspiring and uplifting movie. The stories and commentaries are fascinating, entertaining, and both thought stimulating & expansive.  It goes to show, ANYTHING is possible for us to affect in our physical bodies by gently changing the simple thought habit patterns we think everyday.
More at

Another wonderful inspirational thinking resource for free listening to a variety of perspectives about self empowerment: 

         Feeling good is fun..... Lilly F.


Speaking of inspirational thoughts:  Robert Butts!  He is the co-creator of the Seth Material with Jane Roberts, and that body of work is the backbone and beginnings for all that is here now. 
I was just re-reading the fun and thought-inspiring
Oversoul Seven Trilogy, and learned he had passed on back to the non-fizzicle zone on May 26th, 2008.  Being someone I never met, he had one of the most powerful influential inspirational impacts on me and my life.  Those books stimulated endless questions.

Shhhhhhh...I'm in disguise

Abrahamster playful nonsense cartoon with nose and glasses

Go to Abraham Seminar Workshops WITHOUT GOING THERE?!

Law of Attraction IN ACTION DVD'S 

Check out these inspirational videos
I just discovered a new DVD series of Abraham Hicks called the Law of Attraction in Action.  These are the best of the best, practical and inspirational information chosen by Jerry and Esther. Comes as 2 DVD sets.  There are 11 so far:Law of Attraction in Action DVDs Abraham Hicks inspirations videos

(1)  2-4-06  Los Angeles, CA   Great Expectations
(2 covers, so don't get confused)
(2)  6-25-05  Portland OR  Keys to Freedom
(3)  8-12-06  San Diego, CA. Reality Check
(4)  9-8-06  San Antonio TX   Chill Out
(5)  3-31-07 North Los Angeles, CA Revealing the Secret (released Aug 08)
(6)  5-17-07  Philadelphia, PA Path of Enthusiasm (released Oct 08)
LawofAttractionin ActionDVDsets1-11 Abraham Hicks
(7) 9-15-07  Chicago, IL  Everything You Want
(8)  3-1-08  Phoenix, AZ Joyous Adventure
(9)  1-25-08 Mexican Riviera Cruise Telling A New Story
(10) 7-5-08 Stamford, CT  Let Loose
(11) 9-27-08 Boston, MA  Who You Really Are
(12) Release:  4-15-10   Getting Into the Vortex
Filmed by Karen & Mike Sherlock, post production through Aura Productions by Peter Beamish, (Aura now also on YouTube), and finally distributed by Hay House.  For more detailed information about these LOA in Action DVDs. Peter Beamish produced the wonderful Secret Behind the Secret DVD and has a TV series entitled "Take a Giant Step; Goose Bumps For the Brain" of 13 episodes featuring Kryon, Neal Donald Walsh, and more.


Hubbard Glacier Alaska Yakutat Bay

Here's a photo I took while on Alaska Cruise 2004.  I had never been on a cruise before, but had camped all over the US and Europe.   I'll tell you, it is the ultimate in camping!  You have a luxury ship that chauffeurs you to awesome ports of call. The majestic beauty of Alaska with the high energy from the lively question-answer Abraham workshops makes for an incredible knock-your-socks-off joy buzz high. 
It was just... a euphoric splendor of high spirited fun. (pun intended) Oh, and the dolphins! the bald eagles! the room service!  The view, the shows, the icebergs calving, the food, the totem poles, the salmon, the seal lions, we saw a bear!, the comfortable robes, the casino, the great ship... did I mention the food?! 
I recently discovered a little cruise promo  video so you can see a teensy bit of what its like at an
Abraham cruise workshop.

More Inspirational Thoughts:

Want a little boost?  Some music and a few ideas to stimulate your thoughts and inspire you with words and music and images?  Here are a few video clips filled with positive thinking inspiration and fun.

    Abraham Rampage of Invincibility by Esther Hicks On the Law of Deliberate Creation and Law of Attraction
    funny and inspiring short film entitled Validation by Kurt Kuenne with TJ ThyneValidation Still Movie Spiritual Cinema Circle (originally shown from Spiritual Cinema Circle
    The Teddy Ballard story (by Elizabeth Silance Ballard put together beautifully by Mary and Craig Reynolds)  always touches my heart and is a fantastic emotional vehicle showing how powerful we all really are.  (From Make a Difference -  Here is a wonderful list of beautiful uplifting inspiring videos and slide shows.)
    Eight Principles of Fun created by Michael Bungay Stanier (if playful words and colors and music inspire you)
    Funny Inspirational Cartoons at Making Amy Winfrey has put together a wonderful series (purchased by Nickelodeon in 2008), called Making Fiends.  Charlotte and Vendetta are the main characters at a school.  Charlotte is an excellent example of a funny, cute, persistant, thought-vibration manager- always the positive outlook. Aglaia Mortcheva does the hilarious voice of contrasting Vendetta.  These animated cartoons are addicting and always bring a smile.
    The Beckoning of Lovely - this will inspire you and you will feel all warm inside. Marvel at how people came together one night 8-8-08 to create lovely things together.  Born from a creative video invitation entitled 17 things I made.
    A Knock At the Door by Angi Sullens of Duirwaigh Gallery (if you like beautiful fantasy fairy art and Celtic music).
    Abrahamster Happy Holidays Thinking
    animated music video cartoon. (I made this) (Warning: extremely lighthearted silly fun)
    About being OK:  A 2 minute
    cute animated version of the OK Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.
    30 Angel Steps to Prosperity- A delightful flash animation by Rebecca Marina. Ask your angels more often!
    The First 20 minutes of the Secret- authorized from Prime Time Productions (I keep replacing this link)

More Esther Hicks Inspiring Recordings - with and without Abraham:

Also available on Hay House Radio are regular recordings from Abraham-Hicks.
But I must say, there is nothing like going to a seminar for the live experience because you also get to hear Jerry and his funny jokes.  I hear the same jokes a jillion times from him, but I still laugh every time... and I am not sure why.   But do not believe the book-of-the-month story!... I actually believed it and was afraid to sign up for "life" - my husband just thinks this is just so very humorous that I believed him.  (Jerry keeps a very straight face when he tells this...)  His other joke that is really good is about carving the tablets.  I must have heard that one 10 times and I still laugh, I just don't know why.  And then the vultures eating the abundant carcasses, that one is so funny...  But it must be the way he tells it.

Abrahamster cartoon as radio receiver antennae - each thought offers a signal - source 111.1 FM

Books with Inspirational thoughts: Would you like to remember who you are by being the kid you are again... now?  These books do it for me every time I read them. 

Sara Books by Esther and Jerry Hicks:  
Sara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather (Book 1)
Sara and Seth, Solomon's Fine Featherless Friends (Book2)
and Sara Book 3, A Talking Owl is Worth a Thousand Words
These 3 stories make a wonderful trilogy about the exciting adventures of a small girl and a boy and the wisdom and adventures they share with a very wise owl.  (This owl speaks, or rather Sara can hear the owls playful words of wisdom in her head).  Woven throughout the good feeling fun, are simple but powerful tools for practical self empowerment such as using law of attraction, guiding your thoughts to change how you feel, and focusing on what you want in the face of unwanted reality.  It's just so good.  I love joining the kids in their world of happy possibilities that are natural but seem like magic.

Sara Book 1


Sara Book 2


Sara Book 3

Sarah Book 3 Cover by Esther Hicks : A Talking Owl is Worth a Thousand Words

A Talking Own is Worth a Thousand Words 

The Astonishing Power of Emotions

The Secret Behind the Sectret



Law of Attraction


An Excerpt from Sara 3: "Age has nothing to do with flying, Sara.  Flying is about how light you feel.  You cannot be weighted down with problems and worries, and still fly. It is your pure spirit that soars, Sara. 
I know it seems to you that you have joined me here in your beautiful bodies, but your bodies are actually soundly sleeping in your beds.  Tonight I will fly with the truest part of who you are.  And we will have a wonderful time together." 

** Inspirational  Thoughts Book: Choose Them Wisely by Tom Dooley Amazon:



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