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Abrahamster's First Animated Cartoon Animation
Jingle Thoughts Cartoon Song

Would you like to listen to Abrahamster talk? Care for some hamster animated singing?
Happy Holiday Thinking -Inspired by
Abraham Hicks

Abrahamster loves to sing songs...he wants to know if you would like to sing with him.  He likes to make up rhyming songs... "It'll be really fun!" he says.  Below are two short animated videos of Abrahamster.  The first is Abrahamster talking and the second video is Abrahamster singing the "Think and Feel" cartoon song.  He calls it silly singing hamster wisdom.  Also, because it is fun and amazing, below is the actual original first animated cartoon from 1896 - thanks to Thomas Edison's invention and J. Stuart Blackton's drawings.


Whatever holiday happenscartoon animation of cute hamster with moving heart shaped ears saying I only have ears for you to be happening, there is always thinking going on.
And whether it's Valentines Day or Christmas, it's always fun for Abrahamster to watch what he's thinking, and feel how it's making him feel. 
After learning that thoughts and feelings make happenings, Abrahamster is pickier and choosier about what he spends time thinking about.  He wants to feel good so law of attraction can bring him happy hamster life happenings.  So no matter what he is doing or where he is going, he keeps an ear to his thoughts and an eye to his feelings as he
thinkles them.   He is in love with the process of being able to control how he feels by deciding how he wants to think.  He is a hamster in command.


THE PREQUEL TO SONG BELOW:  Abrahamster's First Animated Video Cartoon


Well it happened. Abrahamster got animated.  He discovered video and has been wanting me to film him so he can sing to you as cartoon animation. He was all excited because he wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays this year with his first animated music video song he made up.  He named it Happy Holiday Thinking.  He made the words up all by himself.
(I think he sings instead of running on his wheel, he sings all night long.  Be glad you don't live here)

Transcript of above Abrahamster cartoon video (19 seconds):  "Hi, I'm Abrahamster.  How are you?  Do you want to sing with me?  We can sing a song.  It'll be really fun. I'm testing my new stereo equipment.  I'm so excited because it's so fun.  We could play these songs together. We could sing all sorts of things.  Like I can make up songs about all sorts of things."

Abrahamster's Cartoon Think and Feel Song:



Abrahamsters Animated Music Video - Cartoon song video Clip 2: 
Initial message from Abrahamster (1 min 23 sec): "Hi, this is Abrahamster. Look what I made:  I made my first jingle.  It's called Jingle Thoughts. Guess what it's about?  It's about thinking.  It's about thinking in my head.  I learned it from those
Abraham Hicksies. OH! I just love them!  No, I didn't learn how to sing, I learning thinking to feel good. Okay, are you ready?"

More Abrahamster
Well Wishes for a wonderful holiday season:
Abrahamster has a little present to give you
Abrahamster kooky cookies playing

If you like it, you can send Abrahamster's Happy Holidays Thinking cartoon song to all your friends... (especially if you want to shake them up a bit with such a profound message...) just click on the share button link in the lower right hand corner of the video and you can send it as an e card video from YouTube.  Thank you for singing with us and most of all THANK YOU FOR THINKING! 


The Very First Animated Cartoon by J. Stuart Blackton

In 1895, a vaudeville performer named ,J. Stuart Blackton, who was using cartoon sketches in his performing act, met Thomas Edison who had just invented a "Vitascope",  one of the first film projectors.  At the time Blackton was working as a newspaper reporter sent to do a story on Edison's new invention.  Edison, in order to promote his Vitascope, made a movie on the spot filming Blackton drawing a cartoon during that interview. The rest is history.  Watch the delightful birth of animation in this very first animated cartoon entitled "The Enchanted Drawing":


(Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)
Jingle Thoughts -
Happy Holiday Thinking

Think and Feel
Think and Feel
Thinking day and night
Oh what fun it is to think a thought that feels so bright

Think and Feel
Think and Feel
Thinking in my head
Oh what fun it is to think a feel good thought instead

Thinking in my head
Every moment of the day
Everywhere I go
Feeling all the way

Picking out my thots
Just cause they feel grand
Oh what fun it is to be a hamster in command.

Ooohhh! Think and Feel
Think and Feel
Thinking all the day
Oh what fun it is to think a thought that feels hooray

Think and Feel
Think and Feel
Thinking all the night
Oh what fun it is to think a thought that's out of sight

Happy Holiday Thinking!  Bye.

(not sung in the cartoon video):

Thinking in my head
Every moment of the day
Everywhere I go
Feeling all the way

Picking our my thoughts
Just cause they feel great
Oh what fun it is to have a life that I create

Ohhhhhh....Think and Feel
Feel and Think
Thinking in my head
Oh what fun it is to think a happy thought instead

Think and Feel
Feel and Think
Thinking all the time
Thank you so for lis-ten-ing to my sil-ly jin-gle rhyyyyyyyyymmmmmmme!

...Choosing how I feel
What a great belief
Oh what fun it is to have that feeling of relief!

(I'm relieved this song is over.  but Abrahamster just keeps singing....
in his animated singing way... Oh no,
I think - and feel - another verse is on it's way....)


*"thinkle" is quoted from a cute pocket ebook by Thrilley Thinklebones

Thrilley Thinklebones ebook cover

It's about thots she thinkles to feel good.




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