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Cartoon Whales and Cartoon Dolphins

Interested in gray whale animations, whale pictures, swimming with dolphin cartoons or dolphin pictures?  Perhaps you are planning your own swimming adventure?

Here are two cartoon gray whale animations I made after visiting gray whales mothers and babies at their winter birthing lagoons in Baja Mexico. It was an unforgettably rewarding experience. 

Also below are a couple of 'swimming with dolphin' cartoons of play kisses. I drew them to remember the playful good time I had when I met and swam with four bottle nose dolphins in Key Largo, Florida.  Scroll further down on this page to find more cartoon pictures, a free cartoon e card, and two whale books that inspire and delight.
See more dolphin pictures and
gray whale pictures below:

cute baby gray whale animations cartoon with cute funny saying "Whale come"

A Welcome Whale-come message: cartoon whale  animation of a cute baby gray whale spout saying Whalecome"


Two special events in my life have changed me forever:  swimming with dolphins and meeting whales.  The first was in 1986 in Key Largo, Florida while on a camping trip.  In a small private lagoon called Dolphins Plus, I was able to meet and swim with 4 bottle nose dolphins!  I was swooshed through the water while holding the fins of Fonzie, Squirt and Little Bit-- and it was a feeling beyond any I can describe in my life. It was sheer excitement and joy; awesome playful power and trust.  I will never forget the feeling of their knowing gaze from their intelligent eyes. Those dolphins somehow showed me an invisible 'plus' to life of magic and endless possibilities.  There is always more going on than meets our regular 6 senses!

mother and baby gray whale animations cartoon

cartoon whales animation of a gray whale mother and baby whale(calf) swimming up to our panga boat. That's me in the yellow slicker, as you can see I'm a bit eager.

More recently, in 2004, I had a new experience meeting gray whales (mothers and newborns) in their birthing lagoons in Baja, Mexico!  We went out in small boats called pangas and waited.  In the mornings, the water of the lagoon was like shimmering glass.  As we slowed and finally cut the motor, I heard an enchanting sound that took my breath away. All was quite but the amazing echoes of whales breathing. It felt as if the Earth was breathing... but it was whale spouts! They were all around us making a deep rhythmic breathing sound.  We barely saw anything except the very tippy-tops of a few whales, (a black water reflective footprint). It was foggy but we knew there were many whales all around us because WE COULD HEAR THEM loud and clear. We were surrounded by the amazing sound of whales breathing in every direction. What magnificent sonic breaths!  Those wonderful moments still give me chills of oooh and ah. I remembered that Emerson spoke: "The earth laughs in flowers", and I want to add: "The earth breathes in whales."

cartoon whale in wading pool with cute cartoon girl watching cartoon humpback whale under smiling cartoon sun

Whale sounds and videos:

Do you speak whale? Can you imagine the sound of grey whales breathing -that deep spout exhale sound blowing?  Here is an amazing whale video of an extremely friendly gray whale!  A quieter gray whale encounter video to music shows how large these gentle creatures were. 

For more pictures and videos of the grey whale tours in Baja, Mexico, visit for a great gray whale website!

Cartoon Dolphin Pictures:

Whale Watching Cartoon Sketch:  Here is a cute cartoon of a little girl doing some backyard "whale-watching".  A humpback whale is in her backyard wading pool!  He speaks French (for some reason) and is saying "Bienvenue" (Whale-come) to her.  He's doing a beautiful breach out of the pool.  I wonder if he's singing?  I drew this cartoon after being inspired by a children's book entitled, Dear Mr. Blueberry.  It is one of my favorite stories.

Dear Mr. Blueberry Whale Book Cover

Dear Mr. Blueberry (Aladdin Picture Books) 



cute girl swimming with cartoon dolphin
cute cartoon girl kissing cartoon dolphin after swim
Two dolphin friends I met and swam with at Dolphins Plus in Key Largo, Fl

Here are my two new bottle nose dolphin friends that I swam with at Dolphins Plus in Key Largo, Florida.
What fun fin ride whooshes!

Would you like to make your own dolphin rubber stamp?

We are touching a gray whale!  Baja Mexico. Photo
Picture of Whale tail surprise!
Gray whale touch! Photo

Here is a picture of my hand touching a giant baby gray whale.  Just barely a month old!  Mom was there and allowed the baby to approach us.  To me, meeting these creatures is akin to greeting aliens from outer space.  What were they thinking?  What did we look like to them?  What did we feel like?  What is it like to live in the water and come up into the air and see a bunch of squeeling-with-glee humans in a small boat wearing funny orange things??? They were so gentle and careful with us. They know tons.

 Gray Whale touch- Photo

Here are a few more pictures from other grey whale trips also out of Guerrero Negro (nearest city)  and Laguna Ojo de Liebre (Scammon's Lagoon) in Baja Mexico.  (From Baja Jones Adventures, the tour we used)  Unlike the dolphin play water in Florida, this water was colder!  And the bathroom at the lagoon was a unique high-rise experience! 


4 bottlenose dolphin pictures catching water in their mouth

After our swim, Steve played with these dolphins with this bucket and water.  They loved trying to catch the water and would spit it out. They were so playful.

Grey whale mother and baby swimming.

This picture of gray whale mother and baby swimming is so beautiful! The baby gray is not even 2 months old! These whale photos
Baja "Keith" Jones

Gray Whale Picture of spout

gray whale spout pic from Raymie

Early morning Low Tide Walking in water to get to  boat, Laguna Ojo de Liebre, Grey Whales Baja Mexico
Banos, picture of unique bathroom in Baja Mexico, Laguna Ojo de Liebre (Scammon's Lagoon) by Grey Whales

(the bath Room With a View)

Early morning Low Tide Walking in water to get to  boat, Laguna Ojo de Liebre, Gray Whales Baja Mexico

One morning the tide was so low, we had to walk on water to get to our panga boat!  Invigorating wake up.  (...understatement!)  It was so worth it. That day turned out to be one of the very best whale encounter days.

finger paint whale painting made on dusty van door

Whale Dust Art:  Here is a whale painting I made in the dust that collected from our trip. The van door is a perfect canvas for whale finger paint art.

A splash from a Gray Whale tail waving good bye!

Picture of Gray whale tail sparkles splash!


cartoon whale puzzles of mother and baby swimming

Would you like to send this free whale ecard jigsaw puzzle?

These cartoon whales of mother and baby swimming are a jigsaw puzzle you can play or send as an e card greeting puzzle for a friend to play.

Would you like to see a whale kiss video?

cute blue heart clip art
Moon By Whale Light Book cover

If you are in the mood to take a virtual nature trip, painted with thrilling imagery and emotion evoking words, I recommend Diane Ackerman.  If I could write like anyone, it would be her.  She takes me on the best trips.  She has a way of making up phrases that fire my imagination.  She calls her writing deep play. I call it magical writing.
I used to always joke, "Aaaaackerman, stop it, you're melting my heart again!"
(I talk to myself when I read)

'The Moon by Whale Light: And Other Adventures Among Bats, Penguins, Crocodilians, and Whales 



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