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Fine Art Watercolor Prints

Purchase watercolor paintings as Affordable Art Fine Giclees


Welcome to my fine art gallery.
Here are a few samples of my original art paintings:  watercolors, acrylics on fabric, colored pencil drawings, and sketches that are available as
affordable art fine giclees*
Currently my favorite medium to explore is watercolor.  Lately, I am being drawn to watercolor floral paintings as if I am part bee.  My fascination with nature forever seems to expand.  I am in love with color, shape and contrast. As a self taught artist, I am usually inspired in the moment.  Nature delivers surprises at every turn in the road. 
The contemporary artists that I admire and study are
Jeanne Dobie, Ann Pember, Frank Webb, Jan Kunz, Don Andrews, Barbara Nechis,and Steven Hanks.
More inspiration below

Watercolor paint color swatches and Lillyarts logo

Gallery of My Original Art Prints

White Peony Watercolor Poster Print print 

watercolor floral fine art print

Gallery of My Original Art Print Notecards

Dolphin Dreams Print and Poster Art print 

Rêves de Dauphin
  (Dolphin Dreams)
acrylic on fabric fine art reprint

Delicious! French Bread Loaf Poster Print print 

French Baguette Bread
When It's Yeast Expected..
fine art watercolor print

The world is filled with beautiful things, both created naturally and by human hearts.
 It is wonderful to feast my eyes and feel inspired and refreshed.  All the unique visions and perspectives! 
An infinite spicy variety of human perspective.
 I love it when I look at something and feel like crying or fainting from joy.
Then ...also, there is that excited feeling of wanting to run up a tree... 


Here are a few of my original fine art watercolor prints, watercolor floral prints, and original art paintings.  For more information or to  purchase watercolor paintings click on the picture to visit my Lillyzazzle shop.  
Currently, original art print and notecards are available.  Both tile coasters with original art and mugs with original art are coming soon. 
Watercolor floral prints of
Moonlight Daffodils are available at my Cafepress shop as large posters, tile coasters, and note cards. 

GET INSPIRED by the greats...!
I am fortunate to have lived in Europe for 3 years.
What a wild and exciting meeting of art-in-person! 
There, I saw
Van Gogh's great brush strokes and Rembrandt's glowing contrast in Amsterdam and Arles.
I experienced
Mona DaVinci's famous smile in Paris. 
I saw
Monet's Waterlilies both as a painting in Paris and on the alive at his Giverny Water Gardens.
I saw
Cezanne's Mont Sainte Victoire as a painting and as the real life mountain near Aix-en-Provence. 
Matisse and Chagall! - their stained glass was stunning in Nice..  I had my breath taken away when I met Michaelangelo's David in Florence.
Picasso's work was incredible to see and experience. 
I spent several lunches sitting with Rodin's
Thinker (Le Penseur)  in his rose garden in Paris.   I had no idea I would be so moved by experiencing them face to face, but it has forever enriched my life.
Picnicing in Barcelona's
Park Guell with Gaudi's fantastic mosaics and fairyland rooftops was both fun and awe inspiring.
The beautiful
tile at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain is beyond description!
...and here is a beautifully informative
watercolor website with more excellent detailed information on paint pigments, color theory, artists, styles, watercolor papers, artist supplies and more...

If you would like to send a free watercolor e-card jigsaw puzzle to a friend...

Free watercolor instruction  with useful watercolor tips.

Watercolor flower paintings, watercolor artists, and other drawing books that are fantastic.

The Romping Horse Print and Poster print  

Artichoke Song Fine Art Print and Poster print 

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Moonlight Daffodils Watercolor Poster Print print 

Cheval de Gambade
(The Romping Horse)
fine art poster print original was Acrylic on fabric

Chanson d'Artichaut 
(Artichoke Song)
poster print original was acrylic on fabric

Moonlight Daffodils
watercolor fine art painting print

to send as a daffodils fine art jigsaw puzzles greeting e cards

Giraffe Watercolor Painting Print and Poster print 

watercolor fine art print

Sunrise Cliffs Kauai Print and Poster print 

Sunrise Cliffs-
 Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii -landscape watercolor reprint

Nautilus Infinity Fine Art Print and Poster print 

Infini de L'Argonaute
 Nautilus Infinity
-acrylic on fabric fine art print

Elysian Fields Watercolor Poster Print print 

Elysian fields
abstract impression watercolor poster print

Three Crazy Carrots Print and Poster print 

Hummingbird Hover Print and Poster print 

Les Trois Carottes Fou
Three Crazy Carrots watercolor print

Rainbow Volcano Watercolor Poster print  

Rainbow Volcano
-abstract impression watercolor print

Pink Orchid Babies Floral Sketch Poster Print print 

Vol plané De Colibri (Hummingbird Hover)
 acrylic on fabric reprint

Hilo Flowers Watercolor Print and Poster print 

Les Fleurs de Hilo
(Hawaiian Flowers of Hilo)
 watercolor print

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Koala Bear Fine Art Print and Poster print 

Les Orchidees (Dendrobium Orchids)
watercolor sketch print

Koala Bear
Colored Pencil Fine Art Reprint

To send as koala fine art jigsaw puzzles greeting e cards

The Dragonfly Dance Print and Poster print 

Blue Poppies Watercolor Poster Print print 

Danse De Libellule
The Dragonfly Dance fine art print)
Original was Acrylic on fabric

Provence Blue Poppy Fields
Watercolor Painting Poster Print

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Purchase Original Art Print Greeting Cards or Note Cards - Personalize each one with your own text, images, poems, or clever sayings.  You can add or remove sayings already there.

Greeting cards $2.99 Note Cards $2.50.  Buy in volume, (even different variety cards) and save.
Volume Discount Pricing List.  Click on the picture for more information.

When you yeast expect it.... French Bread Card  

French Bread Greeting Card
Reads "When you yeast expect it.... A magical surprise will arise."

Giraffe Watercolor Greeting and Note Card  

Giraffe Greeting Note Card
Reads very light on inner left side panel fade out: "Don't be afraid to stick your neck out... Reach for the magic..."

Artichoke Song Fine Art Painting Card  

Artichoke Greeting Card
Blank inside.  Perhaps a message : I'm so grateful, I'm all choked up.

Artichoke Song Acrylic Painting Card  

Artichoke Close Up Greeting Note Card
In case you want to 'thistle while you work'... did you know the artichoke is a giant thistle?

Cute Koala Bear Thank You Cards / Notecards  

Koala Greeting Card
Reads very lightly on inner left side panel:  "I always strive for high koality"

Nautilus Infinite Spiral Fine Art Card  

You Make My Heart Gallop- Rainbow Romping Horse  

Romping Rainbow Horse Valentine Greeting Note Card
Reads: "You make my heart gallop." but you may edit to your own text or perhaps:  "Thanks for the ride of my life."

Pink Dendrobium Orchids Watercolor Card  

Blue Nautilus Shell Greeting Note Card Blank inside, perhaps "Wishing you Spirals Upward into Infinite Joy" "You're infinitely speshell"

Pink Dendrobium Orchid Greeting Note Cards Inside left faded panel quote; "The earth laughs in flowers- Ralph Waldo Emerson"

Dragonfly Dance Fine Art Note Card  

Dragonfly Rainbow Wings Watercolor Greeting Cards
Possible greeting message: "Your're the wind  beneath my wings" 

Dolphin Dreams Note Card  

Hummingbird Flight Fine Art Painting Card  

Blank inside, perhaps:  "You put the hum in my dinger" or "Thanks for your light speed reply." or "I hum the song cause I have forgotton the words"

Blue Dolphin Watercolor Note Card  

Blue Dolphin Greeting Note Card
Reads:  "You remind me of a dolphin because... you are always so fin"

Blue Dolphin Cropped Zoom In
Blank inside, possible saying: "Thanks for your playful spirit"  or "Best whooshes"  or "Catch the spirit"

Blue Poppies Greeting Card  

White Peony Fine Art Watercolor Greeting Card  

Blue Poppies, Buttercups, and Big Bird: Window Into Provence
Customize inside which now reads: "Make everything possible: Plant thought seeds in your head"

White Peony Bloom Greeting Card Note Card
Customize inside which now reads: "You are magnifiSCENT"


M. Graham Tube Watercolor Paints  


Majestic Royal and Langnickel Short Handle Paint Brush Set, Deluxe Watercolor, 5-Piece  


Strathmore Visual Journal 140lb. Watercolor 9x12  

Moonlight Daffodils Greeting and Note Cards  

Daffodills Greeting Note Card -blank.  Add your custom message or image.  Perhaps: "You're one in a daffodillion!"

Three Crazy Carrots Watercolor Card  

Three Carrots Watercolor Greeting Card
These unusually shaped odd ball carrots were the ones I loved from the farm in Provence.  "So many carrots, so little time."

The Galloping Horse Greeting and Note Cards  

Horse Close Up Focus Greeting CardReads very lightly on inner left side panel: "My heart galloped to the moon and I saw it was made of oats"

Hilo Hawaii Tropical Flowers Watercolor Print Card  

Hilo Hawaiian Flowers Watercolor Note Card Blank inside, perhaps could personalize with "Merci bouquet"

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RainbowVolcano Watercolor Greeting and Note Card  

Volcano Abstract Greeting Cards
Reads on inside left fade out panel:  "A volcano is natures way of saying I Lava You"  Tell your valentine, "I Lava You."

Sunrise Cliffs Kauai Watercolor Card  

Kauai, Hawaii Pali Cliffs Watercolor Greeting or Note Card
Blank inside, possible message: "You put the paradise into everywhere you go"

Delicious Creations 2.8inch Wide Recipe Binder  

Crusty French Baguette Personalized Recipe Binder
This fun recipe binder makes a perfect gift for your favorite cook or gourmet chef. Completely customize name, and has famous cooking quotes on the back.


Watercolor Palette Compact  

watercolor jigsaw puzzle piece

All of these framed paintings are available to send to a friend as a free jigsaw puzzle to play or as an e greeting card that is also a jigsaw puzzle.  Visit my watercolor jigsaw puzzle gallery.

watercolor blues turqoise greens


A little bit of information about affordable art fine giclees:

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* Giclees is a beautifully sounding (shzee- klaaaayzzzz) french fancy word that implies a high quality reproduction print that is long lasting, ie, archival, meaning it will hold it's quality of color and contrast for longer


than your lifetime, (80 years plus).  The type of paper used (each paper itself will have a different effect on the longevity of painting quality), the printing inks used (dye or pigment) and where (% sunlight) and how (uv glass frame) the painting is stored all influence the archival properties. Giclee prints are so sophisticated these days that you cannot tell the difference between them and the original.  Some artists add unique paint strokes to a giclee to make it also become a unique one of a kind painting.  So to summarize, giclees are fine art archival quality long lasting reprints of original art. The how long is never an exact figure, but giclee implies long.  Some up to 200 years+.

If you are purchasing an original painting, know that the brand and color of paint tube pigments, used by the artist, greatly influences the archival quality of colors (for resale).  I have recently learned as I have studied palette colors that many famous and well-published artists have been using paints that are 'fugitive'.  No, not like the one-armed man in the movies,... Fugitive means that the color fades easily over time when exposed to regular non-direct indoor lighting.  As I taught myself and studied published artists, I followed their palettes and purchased colors that I am now replacing with non-fugitive ones.  The Rose Madder Genuine, a gorgeous pink from Winsor and Newton and the Alizarin Crimson and the Aureolin Yellow (many brands) are the colors I have recently replace with long lasting alternatives.  I credit the incredible comparison tests performed by Bruce MacEvoy at his watercolor website.  He calls his site the worlds finest guide to watercolor painting and it is... so fine that it goes beyond all the details that I could ever imagine to injest into my brain!  It is quite a wonderful resource. Check out this site map when you have time.

A wonderful place to learn watercolor techniques and how-to's about watercolor is the Daniel Smith Learn Website. They also have an extensive line of watercolor paints.  Some are pure pigments from unusual precious stones like lapis lazuli.  I always wished my last name could be Lazuli.  Lilly Lazuli they would call me.  It sounds so excitingly exotic, like Zanzibar...

The prints provided at Zazzle and Cafepress are offered on different qualities of paper.  From poster prints on a premium matte to watercolor paper and canvas.  They are affordable because they are not intended as collectors limited edition prints. There is no proofing process, where an artists sees press results and then alters digital colors. Because all printers interpret digital colors in their own unique way, and each paper alters the color absorption... in other words, color printing can vary significantly from the original.  The prints I have purchased (at the lowest prices from both Cafepress and Zazzle) were awesome!  I was so impressed.  The poster sized enlargement from the original came out much more interesting than I expected. So if you are looking for affordable quality for your lifetime in art poster prints, I recommend them highly. They also carry a 30 day guarantee.

Paper styles and quality available at Zazzle:

1.  Card Stock (for note cards and greeting cards, on postcards one side is glossy)
Ultra-heavyweight (120#) paper.
Printed with a unique process that imparts a rich depth of imagery.
Appropriate for all types of images.
2. Satin Paper - Heavyweight paper
Dye-based inks to create vibrant art and photo reproductions.
Appropriate for all types of images.
3. Matte Paper  Very-heavyweight paper, 10% thicker than satin paper.
UV-resistant archival inks, 100+ years of fade resistance.
Recommended for paintings and historical images such as old maps and lithographs.
4. Gloss Paper Very-heavyweight paper, 10% thicker than satin paper, UV-resistant archival inks, 100+ years of fade resistance. Recommended for photographs and most digital images.
5. Watercolor Paper
Most-heavyweight paper, twice as thick as satin paper.  UV-resistant archival inks, 100+ years of fade resistance.  Recommended for paintings and historical images such as old maps and lithograph 


Arches Watercolor French Bound Pad 9x12  

Canvas watercolor paper styles for printing available at Zazzle:

1. Matte Canvas - Ultra-thick textured canvas.
UV-resistant archival inks, 100+ years of fade resistance.
Recommended for fine art images with great detail such as old maps and lithographs as well as digital art.
2. Gloss Canvas -Ultra-thick textured canvas.
UV-resistant archival inks, 100+ years of fade resistance.
Recommended for fine art reproductions such as paintings, digital art and photos.

Here is a useful paper weight chart to compare #pound weight of paper with thickness... sometimes expressed as points or ml or gsm.


Available Printing Papers Styles available at Cafepress:

1. Small poster prints on glossy, 12 (120#) point heavyweight paper 11" x 17"
2. Posters printed on heavyweight 7 mil semi-gloss paper using superior dye inks.
Image size 23" x 35"
3. Cards 12 point one side coated glossy paper
4. Framed Prints are are custom manufactured using archival inks and acid-free paper.
Framed prints are matted and framed in a black frame with acrylic glazing Plexiglas cover.
Frames include complete backing.

Arches 22" x 30" Watercolor CP Paper  


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Watercolor flower paintings, watercolor artists, and other drawing books that are fantastic.


Jan Kunz
Painting Watercolors That Glow
Filled with watercolor tips such as how to make your own graphite transfer paper. This book is filled with watercolor flower paintings.


Frank Webb
The Artists Guide to Composition - How to Design Eye-catching Paintings in All Mediums
A fantastic watercolor artist teaching composition.


Nita Leland
The New Creative Artist
Play, experiment and discover with this  delight of a book for the creative senses. This is visual and written creative juice that sends you soaring toward how you felt as a child: free and eager to express.  Just grand. Visit her phenomenal website for free watercolor instruction and useful
watercolor tips.


Jan Kunz
Painting Beautiful Watercolor From Photographs
Watercolor tips about lining up camera shots, sunlight, making a stage for still life. 


Frank Webb
Webb on
I have read this book about 50 times and absolute learn something new each time.  I want to mind meld with him. Mostly watercolor landscapes, but incredible ones.


Don Andrews
Interpreting the Figure in Watercolor 
Awesome beautiful stunning color and style. Incredible new colors in human figure painting watercolors.  The hardback was out of print.  Find in soft cover at

watercolor flower painting book by Ann Pember


Jan Kunz
Watercolor Basics: Color
An excellent all around watercolor tutorial with demonstrations and instruction on value, hue, intensity.  Filled with gorgeous watercolor flower paintings.


Barbara Nechis
Watercolor From the Heart 
An inspiring creative adventure into new possibilities of letting the colors flow, then allowing the picture  to bloom and develop by surprise.  Filled with watercolor tips, ideas, techniques and examples.  Most unusual of watercolor flower paintings.


Betty Edwards
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain 
This book re-teaches you how to see.  Step by step, it shows you that you already know how to draw, and teaches you how to let yourself do it without interfering.  You end up demonstrating this to yourself. Even my husband was blown away. 

Painting Close-Focus Flowers in Watercolour by Ann Pember These watercolor flower paintings are exquisite.  A book for expressing the beauty and excitement of flowers up close and personal with watercolor.

More Watercolor Book Inspiration 


Jeanne Dobie
Making Color Sing
Exciting watercolor tips about how to use color. This is an incredible source of watercolor techniques for making  beautiful watercolor paintings vibrant with color.


Gordon MacKenzie
The Complete Watercolorist's Essential Notebook
Tips, techniques with ideas and lessons- this is a great watercolor book with hundreds of painted examples.  It always inspires me.


Betty Edwards
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook 
More drawing exercises to supplement the main drawing book.  Has 40 more exercises and again, leads you gently step by step.  It is exciting to begin knowing you will be able to draw cause you already can.

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Watercolor earth colors


 E MAIL HERE  for permission to use any of these copyrighted images- THANK YOU!!!

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