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Abrahamster - Law of Attraction Cartoons based on Abraham-Hicks.

Have you noticed lately that you are often thinking in your head?


When Abrahamster learned that his thoughts vibrate and give off a signal that law of attraction matches.... he wanted to spruce up some of his thinking so he'd get more of the good fun happy abundant life stuff.  He can tell if he's on his happy track by
how he feels as he thinks. 

That is really good, because there are too many thoughts in his head to keep track off.  Thank goodness, source inner hamster is always responding to each thought with a feeling.  Abrahamster loves this inner guidance from his inner hamster.  He was SO EXCITED when he found out that emotions are from his source hamsterness of self, he said: "I have my own built in Selfometer!  This is so nifty!"

Abrahamster cartoon hamster wearing antennae head contraption to see thought signals
Abrahamster hamster cartoon in superman suit
Abrahamster cartoon hamster in glasses at laptop computer desk feeling competent

Abrahamster as Source 111.1 FM

Each thought offers a signal that law of attraction recognizes and matches. "I'm exactly like a walking radio signal-maker sending out my thinking thoughts.  I'm transmitting my vibes about who I am, what I expect, what is possible and how my fur looks and how much I am allowed to eat... I want to feel satisfied, pleased, and delighted so I send out those wavelength thought vibrations.  I want to find stuff to love and adore.  Then the magic magnet of law of attraction will bring me events and happenings with the same feelings.  Oh, yes.  I am going to think in my head about all the great earth stuff I love.

Abrahamster as Super Source

This is the "feel powerful signal", Abrahamster is not only a cartoon hamster that is cute but a hamster that is connected to his super source energy Inner Hamster.  He feels invincible in those moments.  He feels like he can do anything.  He can't wear his super source outfit too long because when he radiates this kind of power, the girl hamsters flock to him. 

Abrahamster as  Re-Sourceful

This is the "feel competant signal" when Abrahamster is mousing around his computer laptop.  He only wears glasses because he thinks it makes him look more distingushed and brainy.  When he has them on, he often says "splendid". So you can imagine what happens then!?  From law of attraction, he attracts smart intellectual hamsters that tell him what a clever wiz he is.  Lots have english accents and talk in a most distinquished manner... Some are hamster scientists. 
But after a while when he wants to be more playful... he takes off the glasses... 

And then there is the satisfied, pleased, healthy zest, excess abundance signal...

"I have access to excess!" is his positive affirmation when he is feeling Trump-ish or Onassis-y.  He then feels he has access to an endless supply of anything, especially nibbles and snacks. Yes life is a nibble fest of the neverending snack!  Abrahamster is a munchoholic.  He's always up for an amuse bouche.

Abrahamster comic strip 3 panel cartoon - Guidance system


In this Abrahamster cartoon panel, he is feeling the guidance from his inner hamster with each thought that he thinks. Ow! Ow ow... Even if it is a bad feeling from a negative thought, he is just SO happy when he remembers that it is his guidance. His guidance is working.  "I must have been thinking something I don't want to happen.  I am so jazzed that my inner hamster let me know emotionally now, before it ever becomes an icky manifest event in real 3D life reality." 

Transcript of words for above three panel cartoon:
Resistant Thought Alert: "I'll never be able to ...ow! OW! OW! OW! OUCH! That thought hurts. Ow! That one too. ow! YIKES!"
Guidance System Link Up:  "Wow...My inner hamster is really working.  Those thoughts did not feel good at all.."
All Systems Go:  "Phewww! How Lucky am I? Thanks for that awful negative feeling.  So nice to know you're here guiding me."



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