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Abrahamster Positive Attitude Cartoons - Happy Hamster Pictures

 Positive Thinking Cartoons and Inspirational Cartoons
... Inspired by
Abraham Hicks





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Abrahamster positive attitude cartoons

Abrahamster was born one day in my writing journal while I was reading from a book by Abraham-Hicks.  He just appeared as a doodle in the margin, making a playful face at me, and repeating the words I had read in his own unique cartoon style.
Soon no blank paper was safe from him popping onto.  Hamster positive attitude cartoons began to appear everywhere.  His fuzzy sayings would marvel in the margins, ponder on book pages, and pontificate on post-its.  He bounced onto the grocery list with his playful hamster inspirational wisdom to share during shopping.  He taped himself to bathroom walls, mirrors, kitchen cabinets, and hid under a pillow to give my husband a surprise. And then, (I should have known), he wanted to be worn... t-shirts, of course!  Our house became an Abrahamster gallery with these little positive thinking cartoons taped up everywhere. 
Smiling happy hamster pictures were taking over my world...

Soon AbraRam was born as well, because Steve, my husband, is an aries (the ram) and well, you know, being a word play addict, it just happened. Other creatures from nature joined in. A new kind of cartoon menagerie developed: The upliftment gang.  And the Abrahamster spirit of play continues to grow.

I wonder if this could have anything to do with Law of Attraction?

Jigsaw Puzzles / E cards

(to focus upon the positives)

Nothing is more important than that I feel good:

Reach for a thought that feels better:

Abrahamster positive attitude cartoon - 17 seconds - Nothing is more important than that I feel good


Abrahamster really wants to feel good.  "I mean it", he says to me.  (You can listen to  him saying it).

 He's so wise, in that he knows what he wants. 

Abraham told Abrahamster that "Nothing is more important than that I feel good!" and now he says it all the time.  ...all the time
Here, listen,
this is what it sounds like all day at my house..

singing a funny cute saying Abrahamster cartoon hamster

Abrahamster singing "I want to feel good".

Abrahamster cartoon animation positive thinking cartoon hamster reaching  for a thought that feels better

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Abraham told Abrahamster: "Reach for a thought that feels better!" And he is reaching... Here he is determined to grab that thought and feel good once again.
This is what a thought looks like. 
This is an actual picture of a thought (magnified many times). You can see that the thought is moving, wiggling, vibrating.  That's what thoughts do. The happier the thought is, the faster it wiggles and vibrates.


Abraham has taught Abrahamster many handy thought things.  
 A sense of thought direction...from his very own, already in place, inner guidance system:

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Abrahamster positive attitude cartoons Yuma forking thought
Abrahamster cartoon hamster  cute funny saying


Which way am I forking?

When he's at a fork in the thought road, he knows he has a choice... He scopes out the feeling of the thought.  Is he gonna like arriving at the destination of that thought when it becomes real life?


He's in Yuma (half way to the beach and zoo in San Diego).  He is making good thoughts about Yuma so he feels better on his waycartoon musical note there. Abrahamster knows its all about the hamster journey.  Sometimes it helps to sing . 
Here's a little ditty from him singing
New Fork, New Fork:
Abrahamster singing New Fork New Fork funny audio clip

Of course you can't feel your guidance system clearly unless you keep your appointments and check in with your inner hamster.

Abrahamster always reminds himself with an
appointment calendar.  After a few moments with his inner hamster, Abrahmster feels like a loooove machine.

Abraham has taught Abrahamster that every emotion is a stepping stone to a better feeling...even anger (oh no, not that!  don't make me!)

Hamster clouds and calving glaciers...
Can you find them in the sky and glacier?!!

Abrahamster positive thinking cartoon moving up the vibrational scale

On an Abraham Alaska cruise, we saw totem poles... Abrahamster liked these.

So he gathered some friends together to make a TOTEMotional pole of posititve attitude cartoon hamsters.

So here's a pic of Despo, Blamie, Frusty, Mabes, with Abe, Gabe, Abby and Gabby choosing thoughts and moving through their feelings up the pole to self-empowerment hamster euphoria.

Positive thinking cartoons of Abrahamster in Alaska Animation

***Under cartoon hamster clouds, Abrahamster is in beautiful Alaska.  This cartoon animation has the great calving glacier ice pillar crashing into the water.

Positive attitude cartoons of Abrahamster



Let's play Bridge the thought!

Abrahamster found out that you can't get it wrong and you never get it done from Abraham.  And that the reason that you can't get it wrong is because you never get it done.  This felt so good, that he had to run off the excess happy energy on his hamster wheel (it was almost too much joy to stand).

cute positive thinking cartoon Abrahamster

This cartoon hamster says what's the rush?


Cute inspirational cartoon Abrahamster No limit per person


Keep checking the box!

Abraham says that Well Being Wants You... That it's beating down your door.  Abrahamster loves to hear that.



Cute and funny  positive attitude cartoons of talking hearts
Cute and funny  positive attitude cartoons of well-being talking hearts

And Abraham always tells Abrahamster:

These Well-Being cartoon love hearts lip guys
are gonna get you!

Cute positive thinking cartoons animation of candelabra with smiling flames
Fun happy hamster pictures of Abrahamster

This happy hamster picture knows life's priorities. Being a cookie adds to having perfect taste.

than that

I have been playing with these positive attitude cartoons for a few years. When I wore my Abrahamster t-shirt on the Alaska Cruise, others wanted one.  So, I asked Esther on the ship, and afterwards I put together this site with uplifting messages. Hope it brings you a SMILE and happy hamster happenings in your life.  Thanks for visiting!!  -Lilly

This cartoon CandelABRA-HAM animation has a message that your inner hamster always feels for you.

i feel

Abrahamster -- Positive Thinking Cartoons to play or send as
igsaw Puzzles / E cards

Positive Thinking  Cartoon Door saying You are adorable!

If you would like to play or send Abrahamsters jigsaw puzzles:
is more important than that I feel goo
Well being wants you puzzle
Abrahamster Marriage vows puzzle
Hamster fairies of the universe puzzle
Abrahamster in Alaska puzzle
Abrahamster in Yuma puzzle
OR you can send them as jigsaw puzzles greeting e cards:  from the
puzzle ecard page

This door is telling it like it is.  You are.

cute inspirational cartoons

These thumbprint cartoons are on a rampage of appreciation inspired by cartoon AbraRam.

-Abraham HIcks

Hi, I'm Abrahamster and I think you are neater than sliced bread.

happy hamster pictures of cute cartoon Abrahamster waving

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happy hamster pictures cartoon cookie of Abrahamster joy

More funny Abrahamster cookies.

Want to see AbraRam go on rampages of appreciation?

Abraram positive attitude cartoons

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