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Calendar:  Appointment with your Inner Hamster

Have you remembered your appointment with your Inner Hamster Self?  It's at your fleshy fizzicle body insideness, at your self zone of all beingness Abrahamsterish. Your inner hamster is always patiently yet eagerly awaiting your rendez-vous.  Your inner hamster wants to know more about what you want and what you love and lots of details.  And what you think. 

Abrahamster cartoon hamsters appointment calendar


Talking to yourself becomes a wonderful experience when you can feel that somebody's listening and hearing.  Your inner hamster hears it EVEN if you don't speak it out loud. Your inner hamster's been keeping track of every tiny miniscule preference you've ever had about what you prefer and what's important to you.  It's just so nice to have time talking and dreaming together because it gets us hamsters to focus and to be more clear about our ever changing hamster hankerings.  (We are supposed to always want more. It's natural. It makes the universe grow.) 

Your inner hamster is always talking to you through your emotions. Your inner hamster was meant to guide you through your feelings. The good feelings mean Yes, keep thinking in that direction and you'll be happy with what you get.  The bad feelings mean, Noooooo, you're going away from what you want to happen.  Please, change that thought.

So if you feel then you can be sure you have got an inner hamster. "I am so glad I do", says Abrahamster.

This year for 2008, the time has been updated to unspecified, so that you can stay longer or less long.  I realized that 12 hours talking to your inner hamster could be a bit excessive. One of my new years resolutions was to be easier on me and take smaller tinier steps that were so easy and so do-able.  I realized that 12 hours talking to your inner hamster to do all at once could be a bit of a time-user-upper for many people.  So now, it's left open. But I am telling you, once you start having these appointments, they are addictive.  They feel so good.  And my inner hamsters (yes there can be more than one!) are such a rowdy bunch of joy jinx playful surprise makers, I swear, it's just the funnest thing.  When you start looking in your head and feeling around in there and talking to yourself  wondering about whose in their listening, you find all sorts of things.  And they are all good and fun and neato.  (Or it's not your inner hamster, it's an imposter.)  You can tell the real thing.

But some hamsters as they get to paying even more attention to their inner hamster, get all sorts of other kinds of neat communications happening between them.  Like sometimes, Abrahamster will get a tickle in his ear, and a whooshy echo, or a crackly sound like a radio... and he knows it's from his inner hamster. 

Some hamsters interpret words from their inner hamsters.  And it sounds exactly like their own regular thoughts. Some can ask their inner hamster selves questions and then relax and then can write down the amsters they get.  Other hamsters get visual images, or a musical song, or can even relax enough and trust enough to let their inner hamster talk, with their voice, to their hamster husbands.  (Like the Hicksies do) Some get lots of information through their dreams. Some hamsters interpret their inner hamster through receiving sniff-smells that are whiffs of communication. Some through touchy furry paw feelings.  Every hamster translates uniquely and so there are a kazillion pawsibilities.

Abrahamster sometimes calls his inner hamster his non-fizzi self.  (For non-physical).  "It is so really fun to know I am never alone and have giant non-fizzi hamster energy within me," he often says. 




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