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Valentine Hearts - Free Heart Clipart

Cartoon pictures of flying love hearts with funny word play.

Would you like to catch some free heart clipart of smiley Valentine hearts?
Do you wonder why there are so many cartoon pictures of love hearts flying by?
...It's Because
looooooooove is in the air!  

cute love heart drawings

I heart you.


So, go ahead, and have a heart: Help yourself to some love heart drawings below.
You can use these cute valentine hearts for your personal kissy love projects. I am wholeheartedly happy to celebrate a day of loving people and animals and all things in life.  We are all such a lucky bunch of earthlings!  Now the trick is in finding new ways to say I love you.  Cartoon pictures of goofy flying hearts can set that perfect romantic tone. 

Valentine hearts are a bit conversational; they talk a lot. That is how those little sayings on candy hearts came to be.  They like to make word play and use the hearty words often. They try at making song title jokes. They can't help it.  Humor them.

free heart clipart cute

Tear your heart out!
Love on the rocks, ain't no surprise...

flying valentine heart

Let's have a heart to heart.
You can't hurry love, you just have to wait...

valentine heart cartoon flying

Don't lose heart.  We've got a groovy kind of love.

heart note clipart
heart clipart valentine cute

You've gotta have heart...

cartoon love heart drawing heart shaped  lips character

You can pour your heart out to me.

flying valentine heart

I'm someone after your own heart.

valentine heart clipart
cute cartoon heart flying
valentine heart clipart

 If you make a romantic meal of artichoke hearts with hearts of palm, you'll have a hearty dinner party.  Then you can eat your heart out. 

I don't have the heart to tell you how weird you are but I can't help falling in love with you.

heart note clipart

I left something...? in San Francisco

heart note clipart
love heart drawings

Hi, we're all just a bunch of love heart drawings.

heart clipart
valentine heart clipart valentine heart clipart
pictures of love hearts

I can tell that your heart isn't in it.

I have my heart set on you.

You are halfhearted
Stop in the name of love, before you break my heart.  Think it o-o-ver.

I can sing it by heart

Purchase my art on personalized gifts at my gift shops.

waving heart clipart

Hi I'm the valentine heart of gold clipart.  My names' Goldhart Wavealot.  I like to wave.

valentine heart clipart

Blue, blue, my love is blue. Don't take it to heart.  My name is Roxy, I 'm from Chicago.

cute cartoon heart flying
heart note clipart

Turn on your heart light...

valentine heart clipart cute

You are such a heart stopper.
Love me tender, ...

love heart drawings

My heart goes out to you as clipart.

flying heart clipart

You make my heart soar like a hawk. You are like love potion number nine.

valentine heart clipart handstand character cute
heart note clipart
free heart clipart cute
cute valentine heart clipart
flying valentine heart

I had a change of heart.
Why do fools fall in love? 

Bless your heart.
It's a crazy little thing called love.

My heart takes flight whenever you are in sight...

free heart clipart cute


heart note clipart

Let me call you sweetheart

valentine heart clipart
free heart clipart cute
heart note clipart

Hang on, I'm coming, tin woodsman.

Wild thing, you make my heart sing.

valentine heart clipart
flying valentine heart
pictures of love hearts

Love is like an itching in my heart, and baby I can't scratch it.heart note clipart

Achy breaky, our love is not flakey.

Don't go breakin' my heart.  And stay away from the Heartbreak Hotel.

love heart drawings

We're just a bunch of clipart from the heart.

cute waving valentine heart character

I love you more today, more today than yesterday.
But I'll love you less today, less than I will tomorrow.

waving smiling cute valentine clipart heart

I am a strawberry blond valentine heart.  I just had my hair done. I just wanted to say: All you need is love!  Bye.

valentine heart clipart

You make my heartstrings dance.  I just called to say I love you.

love heart drawings

I wear my heart on my sleeve but I don't have arms.

Hooray!  No school today.  Today I was absent.  It's great, because: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Ha ha ha ha he ho.

cartoon heart and sole cartoon fish funny reads heart and sole I fell in love with you

Pour your heart and sole into something loverly.
This cartoon flounder (or filet of sole fish) has soul. See how his fin cutely holds hands with the kissy lips love heart drawing?  This is the pure essence of complete true love. If there was a book of true love clipart, they would be in it.

cute cartoon heart

Greetings, I am Flart, a genuine love heart.  Make me your valentine heart.  I am eager to be your love machine. I promise (cross my heart) to smooch you tenderly.  I promise (cross my fingers and my heart) to love you with gentle passion. I will cutely kiss you with only tiny soft puckers. You will feel little starlight moon beam fizzies tickling you. I will hug you daintily but you will feel my feisty love zest.  I will be good and behave like any cartoon picture of a love heart must because how else can the world turn orderly and with rotational love regularity? (Love makes the world go round...)heart note clipart

valentine heart character flying

Dart here.  You gotta excuse Flart. He (or is he a she?) is just looney about love.  I am a more subdued dude.  I will be your valentine heart fly-by.

love heart drawings

It's the power of love...

Who drew the very first Valentine Heart?
A little heart symbol lore- and what about other heart shaped things?

When I was drawing these cartoon valentine hearts, I became a bit curious about the origin of the heart symbol.  I began to wonder, who drew the very first heart design?  After all, the symbolic image of the heart shape does not look like the hearts within our bodies.  Interestingly enough, it seems to be taken from the shape of a seed pod from a plant, now extinct, dating back to 7th century BC in North Africa. It was from the carrot and parsley family, a giant sort of fennel.  It grew wild in what is now Libya and was almost impossible to cultivate.  It was called Silphium and was the economic crop of the Greek city of Cyrene.  The plants flowers gave perfume, the stalk provided food, and a medicinal contraceptive was extracted from its resin and roots.  They stamped the heart shape of the seed pod on a coin. I am still curious because I know that the seeds of it's relatives, carrot and fennel, are not really heart shaped.

But as I explored further, I discovered that there are many delightful heart shaped forms existing already in nature. The most of which are leaves.   Flickr has a wonderful photo group of the heart shape called Hearts of Nature.  In it were a multitude of exquisitely photographed heart shaped clouds, leaves, rocks, flowers, islands, lakes, and tomatoes.  My favorite were the heart shaped parts of animals such as a white heart on a horses forehead, a brown heart blotch on a beagle and a cute heart-shaped cat nose.  I loved the heart shaped hard boiled egg and the heart potato.  I was nuts for the heart in a halved walnut shell.  Also two swans necks made a perfect beautiful heart shape.  A bright red strawberry was a heart, so was the latte foam atop a coffee, and a heart-shaped cave in Ayers Rock. There are heart shaped cactus, sea anemones, and heart-shaped water ripples.  It's addicting and fun looking for the hearts. Now instead of seeing stars, I see hearts everywhere. My favorite heart shapes were cats tails forming a heart and 3 heart shadows: a snail shell on water making a heart shadow, the shadow of a ring in the crease of a book, and the heart shaped un-shadow of a couple kissing.

Do any of the pictures melt your heart?  And in your own heart of hearts do you prefer your love hearts silly or serious?  Or both?

More Valentine's Day Heart Cards, T-shirts, and  Fun Unique Gifts are available for purchase at my shop.

Download Instructs for clipart

Cute clip art to download instructions:
To download:  Right click on the picture till you see "Save Picture As..." or "Save image as..." and then left click that to save to your computer hard disc.

All the free heart clipart cartoon drawings on this valentine heart page are available for personal noncommercial use.  They are transparent gif files approximately 70-150 pixels at screen resolution (72 dpi).  They print 'relatively' well for up to 1 x 1 1/2 inches. (see copy guidelines below)

If you would like larger files, 300 dpi resolution pdf files are also available. For a much better clarity of printing up to 3 x 2 inches), 42 heart cartoon files make up a 42 page PDF document that is 2.7 MB.  All cartoons on this page are included including the heart note.  On the printable files, the Lillyarts copyright logo is much smaller but remains with each cartoon.  All intended use is noncommercial.
42 Hearts File Download     for $9.95 (Check Out is through PayPal with any credit card.) Any questions contact me.

Contact me
by E-mail for other inquiries regarding licensing artwork intended for commercial projects. 
And thank you for enjoying silly dorky cartoon fun by visiting my web site.  Happy Valentoons day! 

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