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Free Cartoon Clipart with Word Play and Puns - for teachers, students, kids


Want to wake up your text?

Enjoy my playful free clipart cartoon images for use in your non-commercial projects.cartoon pig clipart- in a pigs eye
On many pages I have cute clipart mixed with whimsical word play and puns.

People often think in images, it's a handy verbal shorthand.  Cute cartoons make learning fun and brighten up any school project or written endeavor.  Teachers, feel free to use all clip art in the classroom.
Everyone else, before you download the free clip art, please check out my
copy guidelines
Thank You.
irish shamrock cartoon dancing
happy new year clipart cartoon chipmunk
cartoon love hearts cartoon love candy saying you are so cute

Irish Shamrock Clip Art - Funny cartoon dancing St. Patricks Day Graphics so you don't get pinched.  Find out about the Irish Shamrock symbol and hear some silliness with Irish sayings.

Happy New Years Clipart: Cute cartoon images of happy new year graphics with cute funny sayings from animals like happy newt year, happy moo year, happy gnu year, happy noodle year... 

Cartoon Love Hearts: A page of whimsical Valentine cartoons. Cute love stuff  with clip art hearts in funny situations.

Valentine heart clipart

Valentine Hearts - Free Heart Clipart Cartoon pictures of love hearts. Drawings with heart idioms and word play and love song titles and lyrics.  Plus a bit about symbolic heart shapes in nature.

funny cartoon kissing couple

Funny Cartoon Kisses - Big Cartoon Lips  Here are some funny cartoon pictures of smooch clip art.  Along with these hug and kissing couples are a few extremely silly cute love sayings.  It's a very lighthearted love page.

cartoon funny face clipart cartoon funny face clipart
cartoon ostrich pictures with hot cartoon sun

Cartoon Funny Face EyesA page of cute and funny cartoon eyes clipart and cute funny sayings about eyes.  Musical note clip art and words of songs with eyes in them to guess.

Free Summer Clip ArtThese are an assortment of animal cute funny picture clipart that is inspired by warm fun summer days.  Cartoon giraffe, cartoon zebra, cartoon sunflower, & more

cartoon mayor of may bug

Find more web clip art at About.com

Free Sunflower Clipart:  Bright and sunny faces of cartoon  sunflower clipart for those moments when you must have some brilliant illumination.  Funny sunshine song lyrics.

Cartoon Funny Fruit: Gently idiotic silly cartoons with cute funny sayings.  Cartoon apple, berries, banana, pineapple, blueberry, plums, peaches, nectarines, passion fruit, kumquat, apricot.  Lots of cute fruit cartoons.

Month of May Clipart - Cartoon Bugs: If you are looking for some silly May word play and cartoons for the Month of May,  you'll find a bunch of cute cartoon bugs to satisfy any May-jor Month of May clip art need you may have.

Cartoon Sun Clipart: Bright orange and yellow smiling faces of the sun clipart as whimsical watercolor cartoons.

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