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Positive Affirmations from Abrahamster and Abraram (Page 2 )

Positive Thinking Cartoons and Self Affirmations Inspired by Abraham Hicks

cartoon hamster AbrahamsterAbrahamster's most important goal of every day is to feel good. It doesn't matter where he is or who he's with and what he's doing. He wants to think thoughts that feel good.   He's always looking for ways to be in love, to feel thrilled, and to find things to appreciate.  He hunts to find positive aspect nuggets.  He imagines happy outcomes.  He makes up fun fantasy scenarios.  He is always looking for new creative ways to think and focus and view every situation from a happy hamster world view. This is because it makes him feel so good. He is addicted to feeling good.  He goes bonkers when he feels bad. When he see something or hears about something sad or depressing, he sometimes has a more


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Abrahamster cute cartoon hamster  Yuma Rocks t-shirt holding  big fork  Think and Feel on back of shirt


Which way am I forking my thoughts? (This is the question of the century!) 

positive thinking cartoon Abrahamster thought vibrational scale   8 cute cartoon hamsters

Reach for a thought that feels better.

Posittive affirmations from Abrahamster cartoon standing on cartoon giraffe saying "Reach for a thought that feels better"

Cute cartoon hamster, Abrahamster, is standing up on a giraffe using a little footstool in order to reach for a better feeling thought. The thought is wiggling.  All thoughts wiggle at different speeds.  The professionals call it vibration.  They say thoughts vibrate. 

Abrahamster logo

More Positive Thinking Cartoons and Positive Affirmations and Abrahamsterisms:

Positive upbeat cartoon animation of Abrahamster cute cartoon hamster with silly nose wiggles and winking saying frisky love

Abrahamster is being his usual playful frisky self in this cartoon animation.  He practices making funny faces in the mirror at himself.

Positive thinking cartoons Abrahamster's Marriage Vows - Cute Hamster Wedding Cartoon Picture says I like you pretty good, Let's see how it goes

Play this cartoon as a jigsaw puzzle or send as a greeting e card.

Two of Abrahamster's friends are getting married.  They are very leading edge hamster thinkers and wrote their own wedding vows.  What a self empowering couple!  Yooma is the beautiful bride in the lovely veil and Diego is the groom.  They plan to name their first born Phoenix.  Yooma is saying "I like you pretty good. Let's see how it goes".  You can see by the wiggle in his whiskers that he adores it when she talks like that. 


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Positive thinking cute cartoon hamster fairies of the Universe with affirmations: Sure Thing, Law of Attraction, Done Deal, Not IF but WHEN

Play this cartoon as a jigsaw puzzle or send as a greeting e card.

Meet the hamster fairies of the universe.  They are here to assure you and let you know that everything you want is coming if you can just trust and chill.  Relax and allow.  Expect all your desires to be answered to hamster perfection. They are saying not if (what you want) is coming but when... it's a sure thing, a done deal,  and Law of Attraction (LOA) is taking care of all hamster fairy cartoon close upthe details.  They are extremely thorough reassuring hamster fairies.  They leave no reassuring stone unturned.  They want to boost your self confidence. 

positive thinking cartoon Abrahamster saying just trust
Wellness cartoon Abrahamster saying Chill out
cute cow cartoon with funny saying "that's something to chew on"
positive thinking cartoon Abrahamster funny saying

Just trust.  Go with the downstream flow.  Follow the current.  Even without a river, you can do it in the bathtub.

I'm petting my cat...right back into well-being.  I think I'm starting to purr?!

Tell the truth
or feel good? This is a complicated subject.  (I'm lying)

That's something to chew on.
(Every person who likes to ponder their thoughts is really like a cow chewing on ideas.) If you don't believe me, just ask the dairy fairy.

Self affirmation cartoon Abrahamster saying "the future is so bright"

Here is Abrahamster expecting good things... while he practices ease.  He calls it the art of allowing.

He anticipates all good things of well being to scurry his way... because he expects them.  He practices thinking and feeling that he's a worthy and deserving hamster.  He gets better at it and more happy hamster happenings happen.  Often he reads self affirmations while he's on his hamster wheel.


positive thinking cartoon Abrahamster saying : My task is to bask in forest in hammock

Abrahamster is basking in a shady forest glade in his hammock. His task is to bask.  Life is good. Become a bask-it case.

Cartoon Abrahamster in hamster euphoria feelings

My inner hamster
 adores me!
Yes its hamster euphoria feelings again.

positive self affirmation cute cow cartoon

Cartoon cow says "Regurgitate feelings of joy over and over like chewing grass. Chew with your brain like I use my ten stomachs."

Abrahamster positive affirmations cute artoon hamster saying  "No Limit Per Person"

Abrahamster is making an important point.  His sign says "No limit per person".  The universe can supply anything you can imagine. Go ahead and ask for more.

Looking for a few fun thinking reminders or possibilities for funny gift items:

Abrahamster in Yuma bumper sticker

Abrahamster Bumper Sticker and other fun gift items about Yuma:  In what direction are you forking your thoughts?  Abrahamster loves tuning his forking thoughts in the direction of feeling gooder.

Abrahamster cartoon magnet Yuma Rocks

Abrahamster is a magnet for looooove

self affirmations cartoon think and feel Abrahamster on lynx

Here Abrahamster is petting a lynx cat and telling him his favorite self affirmations:
" I live a charmed life."

Abrahamster Cute Cartoon Hamster Cookie saying Good Tastes Good!  Joy on t-shirt

Want to see more Abrahamster cookies?  Have a delicious day!


Abrahamster and Abraram blank journals with art covers for purchase:

Abrahamster logo design

 JOURNALS ( For writing a Notebook of Positive Aspects )

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AbraRAM!! logo
Rampages!! logo
Cartoon Abrahamster Book of Positive Aspects in Alaska at Hubbard Galcier  saying I can be or do or Calve anything! Blank Journal
Abrahamster Blank Journal of  Positive Aspects Nothing is More Important than that I feel good! Blank notebook

Abrahamster 17 seconds blank journal He says "Nothing is more important than that I feel good" Inspired by Abraham

Abrahamster in Alaska - Book of Positive Aspects Blank Journal This cute hamster tells it like it is and  says" I can be or do or calve anything"

Cute cartoon Ram AbraRam Rampages of Appreciation Blank Journal Abra RAMPAGES! Notebook

AbraRam the cartoon ram Joy Blank Journal Pages ready for your magnetic attractive rampages of appreciation, applause, approval, admiration, and positive aspects.

Blank journals with art covers Abraram cartoon ram rampages of joy

AbraRam the cartoon ram Thank Ewe Blank Journal Pages ready for Rampages of your Appreciation, Gratitudes, Thank Yous or cartoons of your glee adventures in life happenings.

Abrahamster Journal of Positive Aspects Good Feels Good, I'm Choosing my own Vibes says this cute cartoon hamster, Nothing is more important than that I feel good! Blank Notebook

Abrahamster blank journal of positive aspects in black. "He says "Hi, I'm Abrahamster. Good feels good, bad feels bad. I am delight feelings of fun-loving apprciating happy play grooviness. Nothing is more important than that I feel good!"

Cute Cartoon Hamster Abrahamster's Magic Book of Positive Aspects Journal - I'm Sourcery NRG on the leading edge of thot! I love my inner hamster. In wizard outfit surfing edge of wave. Blank Journals with art covers

Abrahamster magic blank journal book of positive aspects "I'm SOURCE-ry energy on the leading edge of thought!  Abrahamster has his wizard outfit on (reads "I love my inner hamster") and he is hanging 10, surfing the leading edge wave.  He is his own Wizard of Awes

Blank Journals with art covers Abrahamster cute Cartoon Hamster Journal BOPA Nothing is more important that that I feel good inspired by

Abrahamster blank journal of positive aspects - light notebook  He is saying: "Hi, I'm Abrahamster. Good feels good, bad feels bad. I am delight feelings of fun-loving apprciating happy play grooviness. Nothing is more important than that I feel good!"

Abrahamster in Yuma blank journal. In what direction are you thinking?  Abrahamster playfully reminds you that every moment you are at a new fork in the thought road.  Focus your forking direction towards what you want.  Only think and speak about what you want. (I can't wait to hear the new thought analogy for the spoon)



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