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Abrahamster's Positive Thinking Cartoons  inspired by Abraham Hicks

"Ahhh... Cheek Pouch Relief!"  Abrahamster gets happy

*Abrahamster Exclusive Interview Below*

 by thinking and feeling his way.

...continued from Abrahamster 2...Hamster Thought Power Relief


    ...If his hamster self ever gets feeling awful and helpless, he tries to regain some power by sounding tough. He begins by threatening suicide and gets madder than all hamster heck.  He tries screaming and blaming whoever is handy.  He even yells at his inner hamster! 

He threatens to kill himself, and then kill his inner hamster (who is himself already safely dead, and this infuriates him more!)   ...Ahhh, whisker wonders... Anger feels better than helpless.  Ahhhh.... I feel Positive thinking cartoon Abrahamster vibrational thought scaleSO MUCH better than before, he says..

He loves to scream and rant when he's down cause it feels good and gives him a boost to where he doesn't feel so helpless anymore.  He has a little of his hamster power back.  Then he can go through some more irritating pessimistic feeling stages toward frustration, and then he starts feeling much better and closer to his real self again. Soon, if he keeps reaching thought by thought for a little bit better feeling, he finally returns back to his real hamster self:  that invincible playful delight super hamster.  "Oh cheek pouch relief!, the world feels completely different now!" he says.

His hamster friends don't like it when he is upset, but he can't afford to care.  He's taking care of himself.  If he's all nicey quiet and depressed and sad and accepting of I can't and I must, and it never will...  he feels horrible and he just refuses to live like that... "Kill me now", he says.

He isn't ever going to really kill himself, he just uses it as a tool.  He is so proud of himself when he can control how he feels by changing his thoughts.  He loves how it's all about thought and feelings.  Nothing around him and no hamsters have to change at all.  It's all him.  He just loves that sense of being able to do that. And then he's back to his adoring life hamster self.

He learned this handy mental stuff from his inner hamster while over at the Abraham-Hicks Happy Hamster Hotel.  Abrahamster loves feeling powerful and being able to control how he feels. 
It's hamster euphoria.  It's a new way of positive thinking with the amazing power of deliberate intent... hamsterish in style.


In a recent private exclusive interview with Abrahamster:


Positive attitude cartoons of Abrahamster

"My momma, Nutsina, (bless her cute furry spirit), always told me I shouldn't yell: "Not polite", she would say. 
My hamster therapist friend, Sigfried, told me about anger management.  They mean well but they just don't know how Law of Attraction works!  That keeps a lot of hamsters stuck in despair and powerlessness.  How can we ever move to feeling better if we don't go through the steps of rage and anger and blame and frustration?!  


"Law of Attraction just doesn't let us find the whispy cheerful smiley cute thoughts if we are not near them.
We have to take small hamster steps to get there.
If I have to rant and scream to feel a bit better, I'm gonna!

I'm not just screaming as a helpless ranting hamster reaction.  I'm screaming on purpose temporarily as a way to get my feeling of power back.  The rage feels a little better than despair.  Anger and blame start feeling much better. By the time I reach frustration... Ah, a little more cheek pouch relief..  Now I can just maybe touch the edge of those pessimistic or perhaps maybe even hopeful thought nuggets. That's when I know I'm getting much closer to the real me.

I'm a happy hamster that was born to loooooooove! That's the real me.
And the best part is when I feel I did it. I picked thoughts and moved myself to feel good again. Now that's hamster power!"

Abrahamster also says, "Every emotion is valuable.  It's guidance from my inner hamster of where my thoughts are on the well being scale of vibes".

This hamster empowerment interview was brought to you by a grant from H.T.I. (Hamster Thought Institute).




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